Abandoned Again

If there is anything worse than being abandoned, it is being abandoned multiple times.

Sometimes all puppies need is a little bit of patience and nurturing. It is sad how people view pets as toys to be passed around and if they require a bit more effort to nurture or train, they are then abandoned and neglected. It is strongly advised that individuals realise what is at stake when adopting a puppy- the teething, multiple meals and walks, paper training and not to mention the destruction to your property. Love and patience. That’s all that are needed sometimes.

And so this very sad story of abandonment goes. Two gorgeous female cross breeds were found tied at a multi storey car park in a HDB housing estate. Both, approximately 6 to 7 months old, were found with no collar and no microchip. This looked like a clear case of abandonment.

Both of them when they were just found (Renamed L to R : Trisha & Charlotte)

A passer-by saw them looking helpless and took them to a nearby pet grooming shop and asked for assistance. The owners kindly agreed to keep them for a while, thinking that their owners might step forward to retrieve them or maybe hoping they were somehow lost. Various animal welfare groups were asked to spread the word on their Facebook pages. 

Two separate families stepped forward to adopt these two cross breeds.

However within a week, the shop owner contacted HOPE, saying one of the dogs was returned because the family commented that they “couldn’t click with her”. It was horrific to believe that she was abandoned yet again for such a ludicrous reason. We decided to intervene and this gorgeous girl was then adopted by one of our volunteers and renamed Trisha. Trisha is the sweetest, most pleasant puppy we have ever met. She is not attention seeking, is extremely good-natured, sociable and well mannered. Why she was abandoned twice is a question that no one will ever know. Perhaps she and the other puppy were from home breeders and were bred wrongly by mistake?

Gorgeous Trisha, happy ever after with her new family on her very first beach outing

Another week later, the other dog was also returned to the shop – this one had been passed to 2 families within a month. Poor, poor girl.  The reason was that she tugs on her leash. How ridiculous! Did these people forget that she is only a puppy and merely needed a bit of guidance?

There are so many unanswered questions. Why did both the families give up so quickly?

HOPE decided that enough was enough and has now taken the second puppy under our charge, even though we do not have the means to keep her and we literally cannot manage financially. But the poor puppy has been abandoned and moved to 3 places in slightly more than a month and we cannot say no to helping her find a home.

Such a pretty looking Charlotte

Fortunately she is being fostered by Henry and we have just sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated her – the clinic staff say she is super sweet – and is again ready for adoption! Should you wish to adopt Charlotte, please email us. She looks like she may be some sort of Dachshund breed and is about 38cm tall, but slightly underweight at 9kg. She is also HDB approved. As per HDB rules, only one dog per household is allowed. 

Harper and Charlotte taking a stroll together

This cute little puppy has done no wrong and deserves a loving and patient home. We need to put a stop to abandoned puppies and insincere adopters. Let’s not forget they have feelings too.

Cute little Charlotte is so exotic looking and her looks totally mesmerize you!

How could anyone possibly abandon such a sweet puppy? 

To adopt Charlotte, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg  Screenings, interviews with family members, house checks and home visits are part and parcel of our adoption procedure.

Exhausted after playing the entire day with our other rescue dogs.


*Adoption fee, T&C applies.