Creamy, just another sterilization?

As part of our sterilization program, we had caught a female dog last week. She was named Creamy and is a sweet and docile little brown girl. She amazed us when we first visited her at the vet, bringing her nutritious food after her sterilization. She had zero food aggression and is calm and friendly. She already had a litter of puppies and we managed to bring her in for sterilization before she got pregnant again. Another pregnancy would mean more unwanted puppies and a growing population of strays fighting for the same amount of limited food.

Creamy didn't want to leave the carrier. She doesn't want to be a stray! 

Creamy is very small in size and most definitely HDB approved. She totally did not demonstrate any signs of being a stray and in fact, is so domesticated that she loved it when we hand fed her treats! Last night, we released her back to her home in a very dusty factory at an industrial area as her wound has fully recovered. To our surprise, she is the first stray whom we released that did not bolt away from us and make a mad dash for their friends. Instead, she hung around and occasionally went forward to lick the volunteers’ hands and caper around them. After a while, she disappeared and the volunteers assumed she went back into the factory, but when the volunteers went back to retrieve the dog carrier after speaking to the guard, they got a huge surprise. Little Creamy was lying inside! She wanted to follow the volunteers back! She wanted a real home! It seemed as if she was telling us to bring her home.

Poor Creamy trying so hard not to look at us, hoping we would close the carrier and take her home. 

This is the first time we are appealing for a family to come forward to adopt a stray whom we have sterilized. The standard procedure has always being catch, sterilize and release. If you have been following our work, you would know that our rescues are usually old, injured, paralyzed and even if there are any healthy ones, they are usually a result of abandonment which means they are unable to survive on their own if released. But Creamy is different.

She tried so hard not to go back to the industrial estate 

When the volunteers were leaving, she followed them to their car and looked on sadly as they drove off. She ran after their car for a short distance before giving up chase. Her eyes seemed to pierce right into their hearts and their hearts broke. It seemed like they were abandoning her as she looked on with her sweet brown eyes. She is so sweet that we wondered if she could survive on her own? With no food aggression and being submissive, she hardly got to eat whenever people left food for them. She would pace up and down to try to eat but by the time she got in, the food was almost always gone. These thoughts zoomed around in our minds and we could not help but to at least try to appeal for a home for her. 

Volunteer, Jozelle, telling Creamy she could not take her home 

Perhaps you have been considering adding a furry companion to your family, instead of buying, why not give this darling a home? It was only one week that she had known us and she only met our volunteers 3 times and yet she had already opened her heart to them.

Such a sweet, pretty little girl

If you will like to grant Creamy her wish, make her dream come true and give her a warm home, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Creamy is a female local crossbreed, estimated to be about 7 mths old. Vaccinated and sterilized. She IS HDB approved.