A Final SOS Plea

What do you do when you’re suddenly faced with more than 10 dogs being homeless overnight? Dogs that you have been feeding on a weekly basis for years, and are definitely appreciative of your effort, evident with their affection and wagging tail every single time they see you? What will you do if you know that the authorities are going to round them up soon, meaning that they will very most likely, be culled? What will you do to help these poor helpless beings, who have done nothing wrong, but to be born a stray here in Singapore? What can you do to help them now?

Young, scared and hungry

This little one has a hematoma on the left ear. If left untreated, the ear will burst / tear, but we can't get close enough to catch.

Look at his eyes. No one cares for them anymore.
These questions have been racing in our mind every single minute since these dogs became homeless. What can we do when our hands are so tied and our resources so limited? Our call for fosters this week received zero response. Yes, zero. Nothing at all. If only our sleepless nights, worrying, crying and fretting over these dogs will help them. We went to feed the dogs last weekend as usual and it really broke our hearts to see them all so hungry that the food we’d prepared were gone within seconds. Knowing that they have nothing there for them anymore and no caregivers to feed them, we went down again last night to feed these poor dogs. We wanted to lure them out of the premise as we’ve been informed that the authorities will be going down later this week to access the land, and should they see so many dogs making that place their home, we’re all aware what their fate will be. But, these loyal dogs just won’t budge and are adamant staying put where they are, simply because that is the place they have called home for so many years. And very heartbreakingly sad, many of them are still waiting for their owner to go back. Such, is why they are known as man’s best friend isn’t it?

Some are very friendly. Sadly, these are the easiest for the authorities to catch and cull first.

This is home. This is what they eat and drink to survive.

Little puppy with a bloated stomach, probably filled with worms. He may also have eaten pebbles and soil from great hunger. 

We see very hungry dogs when we go during the day time on weekends.
We noticed a few of the dogs have lost some very obvious amount of weight, within a short span of a week or so. It was obvious that these poor dogs were being ostracized by the rest of the pack. They were alone in their far away corner, individually, and dared not venture anywhere near. One of them has always been very wary of humans but he is one of the sweetest natured. Every single time he sees you, his tail wags non-stop, but he wouldn’t come too near. You see, he was actually from another factory, but perhaps due to being this sweet, he was bullied since day 1 and got chased out from that pack. He joined the dogs then at this current defunct factory and was also bullied. Fortunately for him, 2 dogs accepted him as part of their pack and the 3 of them became inseparable. But very unfortunately for him, the owner brought his 2 best friends along, leaving him all alone to fend for himself yet again. Just recalling how he was whining with fear last night is so heart breaking. I could practically hear him ask me between his whines “Where have my 2 friends gone to? I am so afraid, hungry and lonely. Why do I get ostracized everywhere I go and always get left behind? Am I so detestable? Nobody wants me”. I wanted so very much to tell him, as well as all the other dogs there, that it is not their fault, that everything is going to be alright, that we are bringing them away to a better place where they’ll be safe and never go hungry again, where all they’ll ever know is eat, sleep and play. But I can’t. We can’t, as we do not have the means to do so.

Ostracized by every one, so this poor dog lives outside the factory, on a grass patch by the pavement . He is about 1 year old.

Everyone has left. The factory is barren 
Many hungry dogs
One lonesome dog not daring to come close 

Please help us to help these poor dogs! We are pleading for all the help that anyone of you can offer. Be it to help foster the poor dogs (for 3 months at least), sponsor their long-term boarding till they get adopted, donate kibbles/canned food/rice/meat so that we can feed them on alternate days instead of our usual once a week routine, or volunteer with us as drivers to help send the food for feeding. Any help.

Please write in to hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg TODAY! Time is really running out for these poor dogs.

I will pray for all the kind angels to appear after reading this final plea for help. Are you one of their angels?