Have A Muffin! (News from the vacated factory)

Muffin is one of the dogs our volunteers managed to catch recently from the vacant factory under the TNR programme.

Muffin at the vacated factory (poor quality photo image as it was dark and taken from mobile phone)

Muffin is small, 13kg and HDB approved. 

We reckon she is less than a year old. She is long coated, light coloured, and may possibly be light cream or even white but with all the mud and grime on her, poor girl looks grey. She is about the size of a Cocker Spaniel only.

Muffin is a darling on paws. Adopt and save her if you can

Muffin is terribly sweet, alert, mild mannered and loves people. She comes for pats and sits beside us when we hang out at the vacated factory chatting the night away with the dogs snoozing or playing around us. Yes, that’s how we spend our nights and we love it.

Poor Muffin was terrified at the vet

After sending Muffin in for her sterilization, we were informed by the vet that Muffin had previously been sterilized though poor Muffin was neither ear tipped nor did she have an ear tattoo, thus we requested the vet to ear tip, microchip and vaccinate her.

Muffin is small, sweet and affectionate

Often we wonder how such sweet doggies survive out in the rough. Perhaps it’s because she minds her own business, stays away from the rest of the pack and avoids trouble? Such sweet dogs are the first to be caught when the authorities come in because they are so people friendly, they just walk right into the trap and that would be the end of Muffin.

Muffin can't wait to go back to the empty factory, even though there is nothing there for her anymore

Would you like to ADOPT MUFFIN and give her a home? Take her away from the vacated factory and off the streets? That would really mean the world to her . . . else she would need to fend for herself for the next 10 years of her life.

She has been discharged and returned to the factory. However, if you wish to ADOPT MUFFIN, we will rush down in a jiffy to pick her up. We’ll even throw in a free complimentary medical checkup costing about $300 to check her liver, kidney, tick fever and heartworm. All you need to do is pay an adoption fee of $350/- which would cover her vaccination, sterilization and microchip.

PLEASE ADOPT MUFFIN. You have the power to change her fate and save her life.