News From The Vacated Factory

Our volunteers managed to catch 2 young pups from the vacated factory. From this litter, there are 4 puppies, 4 months of age. Two are wary of humans, while these two we caught are slightly less wary although they are not exactly comfortable with humans just yet. This, of course can be slowly overcome when they learn to trust.

Little Jill, heading to the vet for what we thought was a routine sterilization (female, 4 mths old) 

The objective of taking these two puppies was to bring them in for sterilization (TNR) and return them to the empty factory. Of course by now we know that things don’t always work out as planned and life is never straightforward.

Brother Jack, timid and overwhelmed by what has been happening 

These two puppies, Jack and Jill (Jill looking like a mini Lily), were taken to the vet. The vet noted how bloated their little tummies were and suggested we do x-rays on the two little siblings. And so the story begins . . . . not just another sterilization. The vet could not find anything wrong in the bloated abdomen despite x-rays done. However, under further examination and blood tests, these two tiny ones were found to have :
  1. Babesia, a rare strain of tick fever
  2. Enlarged spleen, caused by tick fever and will recover once the Babesia has been treated.
  3. Tick infested
  4. Heart murmur. This heart murmur may be confused by other sounds that the vet has picked up as Babesia also causes the thinning of his blood and thus the sounds from the heart. This should also eventually diminish as treatment for Babesia starts.
A host of issues at just 4 months old. Obviously their sterilization had to be put on hold. Obviously they could not be returned to the factory as they may possibly die a slow death.

Jack is just a tiny puppy, male, 4 mths old (he just looks big in the photograph)

Both Jack and Jill were warded at the vet for almost a week.

Here’s the hard facts and we’re going to tell it like it is. There are still dogs left in the vacated factory, some are super duper friendly and these are the ones that will be the first to be caught and culled when the authorities come in to clear the strays. They will be killed for their innocence and naïveté.

Here’s how you can help. ADOPT these two puppies so that we may save a few more. Because we only want the best for these puppies and we feel that all dogs rescued under HOPE are our responsibility, we will try our best to pay for their medical treatment even after adoption, till they are well and have recovered from their Babesia. Jack has started on his treatment for Babesia, while Jill starts hers in the next couple of days. Although it is life threatening, with close monitoring, medical treatment and proper nutrition, they should recover fully.

Jack at the vet

HOPE will only charge a nominal adoption fee of $350/- which will cover 3 vaccinations, microchipping and sterilization when they are up to it. The treatment for Babesia will be covered by HOPE even if it means we have to cut down on supplements and therapy for our senior and special needs dogs, because we desperately want these young pups to be adopted so we can return to the vacated factory to save another 2 more.

Please help us win this battle. Our exhausted volunteers have been literally working round the clock to save these dogs. We can only fight on if you help adopt our dogs. If we can’t get them adopted, we are stuck and as time ticks by, the dogs risk getting caught and culled.

Jill (photograph taken before the factory vacated)

 PLEASE HELP. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg