Adopt Baby Alyssa!

Alyssa was one of 5 new puppies we used to feed at an industrial site. Their mother had given birth there, and the workers were kind enough to let them stay, and they even fed the dogs with their own food!

Yet, we were constantly worried about her siblings and her. They're so young and inexperienced with the dangers of industrial traffic. Puppies are incurably curious, fragile, and helpless. Living in an industrial estate was a recipe for disaster, an accident just waiting to happen.

And of course, as always, it happened.

Accidents, deaths - they don't surprise us any more. But every time a worker calls us, "Dog no move!" It never fails to cause our hearts to sink, and our stomachs lurch with dread. This time, the worker told us that they had found one of the five puppies holding her leg at a weird angle, with a suspected break.

Her fractured bone has fused back although she will need strengthening exercises

We brought her to the vet and did the usual X-rays and tests. Thankfully, it was not a complicated issue and the vet fixed her up with a cast in no time. We named her Alyssa, and found her a foster home where she could rest while she healed.

Alyssa at the vet, when she was first rescued

This cutie pie is very well-behaved for a puppy this young, can be left alone while you're at work. Independent and no separation anxiety

During one of Alyssa's reviews at the vet, they remarked that her foster had done a very good job in protecting the cast and keeping it clean. Alyssa's leg is healing very well, much better than expected in fact. But the thing is, she's at the age where they grow really quickly. So it's likely that we would need to change her cast, if she outgrew it. So far, that hasn't happened yet, thankfully. It would cost another few hundred dollars per change of cast!

But that just reminded us that she's just a baby! Can you even imagine such a little baby in so much pain? It's heartbreaking.

Making herself comfortable at the vet when she went back for a review

What is worse is that her 8 weeks of recovery time is almost up. And if we don't find her a real home in the next few days, she will have to return to the industrial site where we picked her up. She's already accustomed to living in a home environment; it would be unfair to put her back on the streets. Furthermore, after her cast is removed, she might need to go for hydrotherapy for rehabilitation. It's in her best interest to find an adopter quickly. And we're sure that anyone could love her. She is the ideal dog in so many ways.

This is pretty Alyssa as she is today, still waiting for a home.

Alyssa has already been trained to do her business outside, and despite being only 4 months old, she already knows how to hold her pee and poo until you bring her outside. She's so sweet and intelligent, and is such a well-behaved dog! She absolutely loves humans and is friendly with other dogs too, although she will avoid some dogs if she doesn't like them. She is very non-confrontational and calm. She's playful, like all puppies, and loves playing on the grass. However, she's also great on the leash and not too high energy.

Baby Alyssa loves grass! 

Really, she is perfect. There's not a flaw in her character! 

Please adopt Alyssa so she does not need to return to the streets! Give her a chance. You might be surprised at how easily she will fit into your life. To adopt Alyssa, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Alyssa is a female, local crossbreed. She is about 4+ months now and her cast has just been removed. 

Basic requirements to adopting baby Alyssa :
1) she will need hydrotherapy for a while
2) home cooked meals
3) 2 walks a day

That's really not too much to ask for, is it? 

*Video was filmed a month ago. She has grown slightly since.