Mr. Aziz (A kindhearted Muslim uncle)

Matthieu and Harper have one other thing in common besides being dogs in wheelies. They owe both their rescues to the same man, Mr Aziz.

Mr Aziz is a worker on Jurong Island where Matthieu, Harper and Duchess were rescued from. Duchess, now known as Dutch, lives in Scotland with her family. 

Matthieu was rescued in late 2012 when Mr Aziz contacted us about an injured dog. Matthieu was one of the strays whom Mr Aziz had been feeding for a few years. One day, Mr Aziz found an injured Matthieu cowering under a truck. At his wits' end, Mr Aziz contacted us to help Matthieu. Read about Matthieu here.

Matthieu and Mr Aziz catching up
Harper was found about half a year later. Unlike Matthieu, Harper was not a stray that was familiar to Mr Aziz. After all, she was little more than a month old when Mr Aziz found the little puppy dragging her hind legs behind her, trying to get around. Read about the little spitfire who refused to give up here.

Harper thanking Mr Aziz for saving her

Since their rescues, Mr Aziz and his family continues to visit Matthieu and Harper twice yearly at their foster home. Matthieu, having known Mr Aziz for a few years before his eventual rescue, recognizes Mr Aziz and is always elated when he visits. Although Harper had not formed the bond that Matthieu and Mr Aziz have, given how young she was when she was rescued, she has still come to love Mr Aziz's visits and always comes up to him happily for pats during these visits.

Harper (foreground), Matthieu (centre) and the resident dog (background)

Mr Aziz is a Muslim. Dogs in Islam is a controversial topic. Though the scriptures does not explicitly ban dogs, many in the Muslim community view dogs as "unclean" and tradition prohibits contact with dogs. Tradition does not stop Mr Aziz from continuing to care for and feed the strays around his work site though. He does not view these dogs as "unclean" beings to be avoided, but rather as fellow living beings who need help. 

Mr Aziz and Baby Harper chilling

Prior to Matthieu's rescue in 2012, Mr Aziz used to buy 10 loaves of plain bread to feed the strays. Since then, HOPE have been supplying about 100kg of kibbles a month to Mr Aziz to feed the strays still living on his work site. There are about 20 strays that are in Mr Aziz's care. 

Mr Aziz proves that kindness transcends all cultural, religious and social barriers. If you would like to help so that Mr Aziz can continue to feed his dogs, you can do so by providing us with the food to supply him with. Mr Aziz needs BARK kibbles and these can be purchased from our regular pet food supplier :

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Written by: Sam