Sorry Vera

With heavy hearts, we just took back a dog from an adopter, after 5 mths being with her new family. We last saw her in December and all was well. But in the months that followed things took a turn for the worse and we did not know. 

Vera before she was rehomed; strong, confident, gorgeous.

A broken dog, when we took her out of her home

Last night we visited and when Vera greeted us at the door, volunteers fought hard to hold back their tears. Gone was her majestic figure with her pride, confidence and arrogance. What greeted us at the door was a weak dog, skin and bones, ribs protruding from her body and tail bones, her head was so shrunken and hollow, she looked like a refugee. Her weight had been reduced from a healthy 23kg to 16.85kg, a loss of 6kg in 5 short months. Her nails too, had not been clipped. 

This photo says it all, a shadow of herself

Vera weighs 16.85kg. She lost 6kg in 5 short months

Weak from malnourishment, her fur was falling out in clumps and her hind legs were weak and trembling

It would have taken a while to reach this stage of starvation and neglect, something the vet agreed on. In fact, the vet had rated her body scale as 1 out of 6, with 1 being the worst.

Bones protruding so badly, she looked even worse off than when she lived as a stray

Bones protruding across her entire spine

The family has issues, and we are not blaming them for the state Vera was found in. We’re just sad they never reached out to us for advice and help and let a strong, brave, gorgeous looking dog be reduced to a bag of bones with no confidence, no life and no more spirit. Of course, we can't help but wonder if we should have tried harder, done more to check on Vera. We are sorry Vera. 

Drawing blood to ascertain that her organs were still functioning well

Nails so long that her toes started pointing in an awkward position

Vera urgently needs a foster – a home with no dogs. We don’t how she is with cats. The foster needs to cook for her and feed her 3 small meals a day. Her stomach has shrunk so much, she throws up whatever little food we give her.

Her eyes were sunken and hollow with the skull bone protruding from her head 

She was sent to the vet and treated for malnourishment.

We thank the family for the contribution of $1000/- to Vera’s vet bills. It’s going to be a long journey to recovery, mental and physical wellness.

Blaming and pointing fingers won't help Vera, but an immediate foster will. If you can foster Vera immediately, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. 
Please do not leave comments on our Facebook page as our volunteers do not have the time to check.

Foster requirements :
1) 2 walks a day
2) home cooked meals - 3 to 4 small meals a day
3) provide daily updates on her mental and physical well-being
4) no dogs and no cats in the home
5) no young / small children