Miracles Keep Us Going

Do you believe in miracles? 

Trixie in her new forever home 

We certainly do. Even when we face obstacles after obstacles and nothing seems to be going our way, we always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We experienced a miracle once when Travis adopted Wang Wang back in 2015. Stricken with cancer, the vet said he did not have much time left. All Travis wanted was to give Wang Wang lots of love in his last days so that he will not leave this world with only memories of hardship and pain. It has been more than a year, and Wang Wang has defied the vet's expectations by staying alive and living well with his family!

Kye Feng & Trixie, new best friends

Breakfast is served! Trixie, living it up

Finally, a home and a bed, after more than a decade on the streets

We had hopes but we did not expect any miracles to be happening anytime soon for Trixie. Yet, one did happen. Celine read about Trixie on Facebook and how she had been turned away by 2 potential fosterers because of her cancer. She felt so sorry for Trixie that she did not waste any time emailing us to express her interest in adopting Trixie. We responded as soon as we could and a meeting between Celine, her son, Kye Feng, and Trixie was arranged. Having experienced disappointments before, we waited with bated breath as Trixie was introduced to Celine and Kye Feng. We need not have worried. With the same enthusiasm one might expect of a buyer in a pet store full of puppies, Celine and Kye Feng fell in love with our sickly senior and decided to adopt her right away! We could barely believe our fortune!

Finally living a life she truly deserves!

Free upgrade to the bed

Trixie and her youngest sister, Christabelle

Love at first sight <3 

Mommy Celine and Trixe

Trixie's new family is no stranger to cancer. Kye Feng had spent most of his young life battling a rare type of leukemia which strikes one in every million people, and had beaten the odds not once, but twice (read his story here). Despite this, the faith of the close-knit family remains strong and this experience have only helped them grow stronger and kinder in the face of hardship. It is this compassion that has helped them see beyond Trixie's age and cancer. They don’t care what Trixie has or how long she has, they just want her to be loved and happy. These are simple, yet powerful sentiments.

All in the family

HOPE will continue to visit, support and advise on Trixie’s health and well-being after adoption. We’re all in this together, for Trixie. And who knows, with a new family, lots of love and happiness, she might live beyond the vet's expectations too, proving that love is the best medicine.

Have a great life Trixie! We're so happy for you!!

Written by: Sam