Finding An Excuse To Celebrate. HOPE Is ONE!

Every day after work, we are either at the vets with rescued dogs, at the kennels, conducting house checks, home visits, feeding street dogs or catching up on admin work. Just thinking of all this is already very exhausting, so why do we keep doing it?

Volunteer, Sherry, with a 3 mth old rescued puppy named Blankie.

Fellow volunteer, Esther, who adopted Blankie.
Volunteer, Rina, with Chelsea. (Chelsea is Lisa's adopted dog.)
For our LOVE of dogs, of course! The satisfaction we enjoy from rescuing a dog, rehabilitating them and finding them a loving forever home is so immense that no amount of money can buy it. Like parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that the dogs are healthy, happy and well. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that we make the right decisions for them.

HOPE turned one in July 2012 and in this short span of a year, we have rescued and helped almost 100 dogs and 10 cats. We have rehomed many dogs to their forever homes, and this gives us a reason to celebrate! About 10 of our core volunteers got together for a potluck party and at HOPE, no party is complete without dogs! So we invited our rescued dogs Laurel, Nana, Blankie and little Oscar to join our fun. Little Oscar desperately needs a foster as he lacks confidence and social skills.

Handsome Oscar has come a long way and is now ready to be rehomed.

Volunteer Iris and Oscar
Chelsea and Oscar checking each other out.

Laurel, fostered by Rina.

Sweet Nana, also a rescued dog.
It was also a surprise party for fellow volunteer, Lisa.

Lisa, all smiles.

The dogs were obviously not forgotten! They had food and treats galore!

HOPE Dog Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome

Photographs courtesy of Esther Low.