Sparticus Has A Stroke

It has been two weeks since we met Sparticus. Weak, sickly, emancipated Sparticus. Upon bringing him to Mount Pleasant (Bedok), we discovered that he had several huge ulcers that covered an area of 50% of his tongue and he had FIV (Feline Aids), which was devastating. What was going to happen to him?

After a 4 day stay at the vet, he was showing signs of improvement and was gobbling his food up like he hadn’t eaten for days, which was probably the case especially with those huge ulcers on his tongue. We were surprised and ecstatic as a healthy appetite was a good indication that Sparticus was on his way to a hopeful recovery. Over the next few days his appetite was steady, and he seemed to be looking better. Finally things looked brighter for Sparticus and we hoped to release him back home to Changi after he completed his course of antibiotics and gained some much needed weight.

Sparticus needs your help. He has nowhere to go and he can no longer stand unaided.

Having led a carefree life on the streets with all the freedom to roam, he seemed rather restless and unhappy at the temporary boarding home. He must have missed his home, the fresh salty air, the company of the other cats, the freedom and especially the sound of music played at the restaurant he stayed near at Changi Beach Park. It seemed to have a calming and soothing effect on Sparticus. The memory of the music, playing softly in the background, while Sparticus sat at his favourite place enjoying himself flashed in my mind. I hoped fervently that he would have the chance be home again in a healthier state.

Just as we thought that Sparticus was settling down, he was struck with another round of bad luck, He was unsteady on his feet and didn’t look well. He was rushed from the boarding house to the vet immediately. Dr. Chan (the vet that had attended to him previously) was looking him over when his eyes started twitching . She suspected that he had a stroke, possibly a brain tumour or cancer; but from the symptoms he exhibited, it was most likely a stroke. Was there no peace in sight for our poor Sparticus?

Please HELP Sparticus

Sparticus has stabilized to the best of his circumstance but is unable to walk by himself and needs the aid of the cage walls to support himself on his feet. He has to lean on the side just to be able to eat. He is an extremely resourceful, smart and strong cat who will not give up. We are not giving up on Sparticus, and we ask you not to give up on him either.

At this point he is still warded and has nowhere to go. We are desperately appealing for fosters to give Sparticus a chance. He doesn’t have much time left on this earth and he cannot be returned home as he needs care and love; the care and love of the human compassion that he has been missing all his life. Is there anybody who can foster this beloved cat or give him a forever home until his time is up? Please?

Contributed by Mike B. Photography by Esther Low.