Happy Seeks Happiness

On 30 July, it was by chance that we took a stroll around Block 114, Bt Merah View after a vet appointment.  A forlorn female black dog who looked puppyish was tied to a bench on a very short red leash with little room to move about.  We asked if anyone knew whose dog she was but found no clues.  We thought her owner went to the nearby hawker centre and would return shortly.
Tied to the bench on a very short leash from the previous night
After running an errand, I returned to find her at the same spot, more panicky this time.  Her leash was frayed, she probably tried to chew herself free to seek her owner that had just broken her heart.  The neighbourhood cleaners came by and offered her canned food and water, they also mentioned she was tied there from the night before.

Exhausted, hot and thirsty from being tied to the bench for more than 12 hours!
She trained her gaze towards the car park, half expecting her owner to return for her.  My guess is, that was her last car ride with her owner who betrayed the trust she had in him.  I can imagine the puzzled thoughts that ran through her puppy mind as her owner made a hasty getaway shrouded by darkness.

At the vet

Grossly underweight

I took her to the nearby vet for a general check-up.  She is estimated to be 6-8 months of age and weighs a mere 13kg. With protruding ribs and flaky skin perhaps due to poor nutrition, it was apparent she was deprived of food judging from her bony frame.  She was calm at the clinic during all the tests and procedures.  While waiting in the reception area, now and then she greeted other dogs and their owners’ happily, forgetting her own fate momentarily.  She hasn’t lost faith in humankind despite her sorry circumstances. 
Dry, flaky skin
Later, she jumped into the car without any coaxing and lied down throughout the car ride.  Perhaps she was used to car rides.  I had a hard time unloading her, the bad experience the night before was still fresh in her mind.  She must have thought this ride could end up with her being tethered to another bench, exposed to midday’s harsh elements.  Dogs do think and have feelings too, let us not take them for granted.
What a sorry sight; abused, neglected and deprived of food and love
In the car, on her way to the kennels. Look at her protruding ribs
I named her Happy as I wish her a happy ever after with a family who’ll lavish her with unconditional love, teach her right from wrong and afford her medical care when necessary.  As a puppy who has been through abandonment, she deserves better while her trust in humans is still strong.  Happy’s twinkling eyes and perky ears say it all, she is intelligent and eager to learn, with lovely long limbs and fine features, plus the special white guitar motif on her chest. 

Young, trusting  and innocent . Not to mention, gorgeous!
Happy is now in the kennels while she waits for a family to call her own. She may have been kept at home throughout her puppyhood as her paws are smooth and babyish and was starting to peel and bleed by the end of the day just from walking at the kennels. She must not be used to walking on rough surfaces.

Never walked much in her life
Tall, sleek and beautiful female needs a loving home.
A full medical check on Happy has been carried out, and she is in good health. She has been vaccinated and microchipped. We will beef her up and sterilize her when she has gained more weight. Very soon, she will be ready to spread happiness the “Happy” way!
It is a pity she has been let down through no fault of hers.  Please make Happy joyful again, she is friendly, young and will be your loyal companion for many more good years to come.  She is a local special, whose demands are few; a roof over her head, daily walks, yummy food and love.  Best of all, this wonderful breed is hardy health wise and has as many qualities as a designer dog. 

Special thanks to volunteers, Iris and Nick, who helped send and settle Happy at the kennels at short notice and our HOPE Dog Rescue team whose efforts made this rescue possible. If you can help us defray some of the costs of Happy’s kennel stay, foster or adopt her, please email fiona@hopedogrescue.org  

Note from Fiona : If anyone knows this dog or who had owned / fostered her, please contact me. The person has abused and neglected a life and deserves a hefty fine for animal cruelty and abandonment.
Story by Lynette Chong. Photographs by Lynette, Leslie Kok and Nicholas Ng