Baby Harper's Updates

Baby Harper had her ultrasound done this evening. Dr said her stomach had cleared up a little and she ate pretty well today. There doesn’t seem to be any foreign body in her stomach and the medications seem to be working. Harper still has not pooped since Saturday so we should be monitoring that. The Dr feels that whatever is blocking her stomach could be neurological, meaning because of her spinal problem, her nerves might not be functioning well, thus affecting the control of the stomach and bowel movements.

Her eyes show her pain and discomfort

Needing support to stand

She may be discharged tomorrow if she eats well again and will need to go back for a review in about 7 to 10 days’ time. Her foster would need to monitor her eating and bowel patterns as for the past 2 weeks, Harper would eat normally for a day, then go off food for the rest of the week. We reckon this is because after she has eaten the first day, her stomach is full but yet she doesn’t have the strength to move her bowels. If this does happen again, Harper may need to be on long term medication to help her stomach and bowel movements.
The vet did recommend we do a CT scan for her to get a better view of her spine but we will put that on hold for now as she has not been fully vaccinated and the CT scan would require her to be under GA. This perhaps would be done in early August.
Let’s hope this is just a passing phase and that baby Harper will outgrow all these health issues as she gets older and stronger, then we can focus on teaching her to walk again.
Her hind legs were starting to get strong but the past few days in the cage has pushed her progress back to square one.
Harper lost a lot of weight
We thank everyone who has shown love and concern to the baby Harper. Without your support, we would not have been able to save the little baby.
Should you wish to adopt Harper, please email Fiona@hopedogrescue.org