Our Paths Crossed

I was returning home from the market on Sunday afternoon, 14 July 2013, pushing my trolley of groceries making sure it did not overturn as I tried to make my way through the cracks and bumps on the sidewalk. 

When I looked up, I saw this dog trotting towards me. It was a HDB area and I hardly saw any stray dogs around, especially a dog that size. I would say he was medium built, light brown local dog.

Ashton had lovely expressive eyes that pleaded with me to help him

So when I saw him coming towards me I stopped, and he also stopped in front of me, and stepped sideways to the grass area and just stood there. I saw that he had a huge wound on his back just before his tail. It looked raw and painful. Maggots had not yet started to feast on it.
A deep, huge wound on the lower part of his back, near his tail
He looked healthy but slightly skinny, a little anxious and showed no aggression at all. I was able to pat him and he did not move away from me. Perhaps he could have had an owner, which explained why he was friendly towards humans.  

My mind was racing all over. What shall I do now, I cannot take him home, he is too big for the flat and my mother, already in her eighties will not be able to handle a dog, and how can I walk away and leave him with a huge wound like that!
Fortunately maggots had not found their way to this

Evening was about to set, and I only know a few people that I can call who have a heart for animals to help me with this dog besides SPCA! They tried but really no one could take him. 

I was starting to panic, trying to reach someone to help and at the same time to contain the dog to a corner. And I have to say, for a stray he was really well behaved and obedient. He tried to walk away but we managed to stay in a corner at the side of the housing block. So finally, I called the SPCA, but the officer asked so many times if I could contain the dog until they arrived and would not even tell me an estimated time when that would be….instead he asked if I had a leash, if I could take him back to my flat until they came....hello!! I already had him with me now and where was I to get a leash from? And I had a whole trolley load of groceries! Did I make an appointment to meet the dog so that I will have a leash at hand??? Told him I did not even own a dog! It was frustrating, sorry to say that. I understand their concerns and I believe SPCA is doing the best they can but really he was not helping…

Ashton is happy and easy going, despite his injury and pain
Anyway, my friend gave me this vet number to call and I was able to get Ashton the dog to the clinic to have him treated. He was also sterilized during the surgical procedure while he was sedated to have his wound cleaned. Blood tests also revealed that Ashton has Heartworm disease and will need to be treated for this when he is feeling better.

Sadly, I am not able to keep him there for long.
Ashton, after his surgery

He had his wound cleaned and was also sterilized in the process

I have UNTIL Wednesday, 17 July 2013 TO FIND HIM A HOME, after which, I may have to surrender him to the SPCA and hope for the best.  

I also met a kind Samaritan while I was with Ashton the dog, before getting him to the vet. He, too, is trying her best to find a home for Ashton.

I managed to get HOPE Dog Rescue to help share this story and create an awareness on Ashton’s plight. They have been really helpful but I think they too have difficulty finding him a home and they have their hands full with many rescue dogs.

Up to now, we have not been successful in finding him a foster / permanent home for Ashton.

He is really easy to be with. The vet also says that he is very friendly and easy to manage. Please give this dog a chance to have a home. He looks like he has been through quite a lot in his life and I do feel that he is a good dog.  If my situation was different I would keep him myself.  PLEASE HELP ME SAVE THIS DOG. I have done all I can . . . will someone PLEASE HELP!

To foster or adopt Ashton, please email jeanette_khoe@hotmail.com

Note : This is not a HOPE Dog Rescue case. However, we have helped with the vet bills.