Through A Dog's Ear (Healing Music for Pets)

Animals, like humans, can feel anxiety when they are put in situations they are not used to. Being left alone at home or taking a car ride to the vet can sometimes be stressful, albeit necessary, situations that they do not enjoy being put through. For most of us, we cannot help but feel guilty as our pets whine all day till we get home, or tremble in our arms not knowing where this car ride is taking them.

Music is the charm known to provide soothing relief to humans and even animals alike, as the world's leading animal healer, and renowned animal communicator Margrit Coates would tell you. She has great empathy with animals and uses those skills to communicate and heal them. While most of us lack the ability to speak to our animals directly at such a level, Margrit has compiled a collection of healing music CDs that will help relax our stressed animals. Lovingly composed and produced on a composition of piano and guitar, this is a range of healing music especially created for animals.

Like the soothing music played at spas, this healing animal music is meant to bring the same effect to your pets as it calms them and releases any tension they feel. You can play it at home while at work so your pet won’t feel anxious that you’re not around. In the car, your pet will soon lay its head to sleep, soothed by the tinkling sounds of relaxation. Excitable pets will also start to feel the serenity coursing through them with the tranquil music playing in the background. Animals who are recovering from past trauma will appreciate the tranquil notes that soothe their ravaged souls.

Creating a restful environment for your pets will bring a wholesome and complete way of life for them and for your family. To bring harmony into your household, do consider purchasing this as a gift for your pet.

Each CD costs $30 (inclusive of local postage) and all proceeds will go towards our animal rescue projects - sterilization fees, food costs and vet bills. To place an order for these pet music CDs, please fill in the order form below or email Fiona@hopedogrescue.org the following details:

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These CDs have proven useful and effective in our work with rescued dogs, street dogs, as well as pets that may have separation anxiety, fear, stress and many other emotional issues.

Our hectic lives shouldn’t mean our pets have to suffer the same stress that we do. We have our ways of de-stressing but your pets only have YOU. A little music goes a long way. Get your CD(s) today!

Written by Elaine Quek