Harper's Updates + Buy A LIMITED EDITION Harper T-shirt

Remember Baby Harper? Born with a broken spine, Harper was crippled from the waist down and had to crawl on her chest to move about, dragging her hind legs painfully over rough gravel. Constantly starving, Harper swallowed gravel and pins to quell her hunger. Such was the hard life that baby Harper had.

Rescued when she was barely a month old, weighing a mere 1kg, she is now 5 months old.

This was how she survived when Mr Aziz spotted and saved her
The night we rescued her and rushed her to emergency

Watch this inspiring video of how Baby Harper faces her daily challenges and tries her best to stand and walk. She lets nothing get in her way. Her strength and determination has been nothing short of amazing!

Watch Harper’s video:

Harper has been attending regular acupuncture and hydrotherapy sessions to build her muscles. Walking doesn’t come naturally to her and when she falls, she struggles to push herself up. Sometimes she doesn’t even make it up and needs help to be lifted up. Despite all this, she doesn’t see herself as a handicapped puppy. She is happy, sociable, intelligent and determined.

Taken in end June, and we wonder why she has such huge ears!

She finds it easier to stand and walk on grass, every other surface is a struggle for her.

Doesn't she resemble a German Shepherd?

In a few weeks’ time, we will be sending Harper for a MRI scan of her spine, to see if surgery can help her. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s the least we could do for this little fighter.

Twice weekly hydrotherapy sessions

Now, fresh out of the oven, get your very own LIMITED EDITION "HOPE for Harper" t-shirt, featuring little Harper. Her life is a daily struggle but she will survive with your love, care and support, coupled with her never say die attitude.

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Front & Back

This little puppy has been a huge inspiration to us with her brave fighting spirit. By purchasing HOPE for Harper t-shirts, not only are you cheering Harper on, it will also give hope to other dogs that we rescue.

All proceeds will go towards our rescue and rehabilitation programmes.

To ADOPT HARPER, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg