Running for HOPE

If you’re an avid runner, you would know how tough it is to complete a marathon, much less a 50km marathon!

Roison O’connor, a senior pharmacist from Ireland will be running a 50km marathon in the upcoming North Face 100 Asia Pacific Series on 4 October 2013 in Singapore. She has been living in Singapore for the past 2 ½ years, loves travelling and adventure sports. Apart from her extremely active lifestyle, she is a passionate animal lover and has taken time off to do some volunteering at our local animal shelters during her stay in Singapore.

Roison clearly enjoys her volunteering experiences as she recounts how heartwarming her first volunteering experience was. She got to know the dogs better and understand their different personalities. She has also previously run the Dublin marathon on behalf of Dublin SPCA 5 years ago. This time, Roison is completing her marathon on behalf of 3 local animal welfare organisations and HOPE Dog Rescue is one of them! She has made these organisations beneficiaries for her run. Funds raised will help pay our outstanding vet bills.

Source: www.causesforanimals.com/running-for-the-dogs.html

Source: www.causesforanimals.com/running-for-the-dogs.html
So, please do support Roison this October 4th, by donating and sponsoring her. Through the donations, our fellow furry pals get to benefit from this as well! You can hop on to the following website (http://www.causesforanimals.com/running-for-the-dogs.html) to donate through paypal, mastercard/visa, bank transfer or cheque. The money collected will help support our dogs, especially in areas like food and medical bills. This event will be beneficial as it brings greater awareness to HOPE as we might be able to attract more attention and receive more help for our dogs.

We (as well as our furry friends) fully support Roison in her upcoming marathon and hope that you do as well!