Timothy's Updates (Foster Needed Urgently)

He needs a home! He has to be out of the clinic in a week’s time. He has been caged for too long, is getting depressed and losing weight. He isn’t eating well either. It’s extremely unhealthy for poor Timothy.

Look how skinny poor Timothy is
It’s been almost a month since Timothy’s rectum surgery. We’re all glad to know that the surgery was successful! Timothy now seems comfortable and well-rested after the surgery, and doesn’t seem to be in pain.

After surgery, as good as new!

We have received the biopsy results from the vet and finally can put our minds at ease knowing that it’s not cancerous. However, this is a chronic condition and Timothy has to be on long term medication. Whatever medication he used to have (from the various previous vets) is not sufficient to control his condition and he would require additional medication or dosages. He will also need to be on a special diet, at least for the next few months. New food can be introduced slowly.

Darren and Hilda visit Timothy at the vet most days after school

Timothy enjoying a good wipe from his ladies

The worst seems over for him, but he still strains to poo. This gets pretty worrying for us because if he continues to force or strain, his anus may come back out again, which brings everything back to square one. The vets are unable to determine the cause of his straining, but still keep him on a special diet to monitor his bowel movement.

Timothy’s intestines are still very weak, which prevents his body from absorbing enough nutrients from the food. That’s why he’s still a bag of bones even after consuming regular meals. Hopefully, with the adjustment of his medications and the right diet, his stools will get firmer and he will eventually put on weight.

Seems like Timothy is responding well to the special diet and medications! Although he is on the road to recovery, his condition won’t just improve overnight. It requires a lot of patience, care and love towards him.

Hilda playing with Timothy

Timothy can’t stay at the vet for long and only has a final week there. He can’t stay at the kennels as well because this will make him susceptible to the flies and maggots. He currently has nowhere else to go after discharge and we are urgently looking for someone to foster or adopt him. He would require a clean home environment, and one with a backyard for him to run around. From our observations, Timothy is fine with dogs smaller than he is, although he feels threatened when they are bigger. He is extremely affectionate with people, especially children. He has lived his entire life as a stray and may never have seen or interacted with kids, yet look how well he interacts with Hilda! All he wants is just to be loved.

Timothy will most likely need to be on a long term special diet. Initially, he will also need to undergo blood tests every 3 months to ensure things are going well. His bills have already skyrocketed to $9000, but we have set our minds on finding Timothy a good home. He is a physically and mentally strong dog that has come a long way, surviving through his painful and infected prolapsed rectum. Look at his white muzzle! He’s not very old but looks very old with his prolonged pain and sufferings and the tough life he has lived. With his rectum tucked back in place, we hope he’ll be able to embrace a new beginning with a new family that will shower him with all the love he deserves.

Facts on Timothy :

Timothy is estimated to be about 5 or 6 years old, male, sterilized. He is a calm dog, kind and low energy. There is no extra care required except to feed him medication and walk him 3X a day. His wound has healed completely.

To foster or adopt Timothy and get more information on him, please contact hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg