Bentley, The Gentle Giant

A kind aunty who regularly feeds strays contacted HOPE informing us about a dog in desperate need of our help. She advised us that the dog was in a bad way with a gaping wound behind his right ear. She said she could see the inside of his ear and it smelt very bad. We immediately knew it was maggot infested. Poor dog.

Fiona was sent a picture of the poor dog with the deep wound. The minute she saw the photo, she mobilized us to go and rescue the dog and take it to the vet. I lived the closest so without a moment to spare, I grabbed a leash and rushed down to the site. Unfortunately with much despair, the dog could not be seen anywhere. After an hour of searching the rain dispersed upon us and we had to call it a night and try again the following day.

The photo we received
The following night it was pouring so heavily that all the dogs had found shelter. Whilst waiting for a few hours for the rain to pass, the feeder aunty informed me that the factory in which this dog grew up in had been forced to be locked up by the landlord as the tenant owed months of rent that he couldn’t pay. Fortunately, these street smart dogs and cats managed to find a way to escape out of the gate to look for food. Also thank God for feeders like this aunty who keeps a constant lookout for these precious babies and has fed them to the best of her abilities.

We managed to find a factory worker who was on his way back and we pleaded with him to help us by catching him if he sees him. We left the site with a heavy heart, wondering if the injured dog will ever appear again. Later that evening at 11pm, the feeder aunty suddenly called and said that the worker had found the injured dog so we quickly rushed down again. We finally managed to get the dog into the carrier after much struggling – he is a big dog trying to fit into a small borrowed carrier.

In pain and fear yet still having to worry about looking for food and survival
As he was loaded into the car, the stench of rotting flesh permeated the inside. Windows were wound down as we rushed to the vet. Having only been in contact with a dog that has been infested with maggots three times, the smell is unforgettable. The sight of seeing these dogs in distress and so pitiful is even worse. Upon arrival at the vet, Fiona was already there with registration done with the staff on emergency standby.

She had decided to name him Bentley.

At the vet, Fiona opened the carrier, leashed Bentley and encouraged him to come out. He emerged slowly with his head hanging low, in pain partnered with fear and resignation. He must have been extremely worried in this new environment, especially not knowing where he was and it probably being the first time he has visited the vets. Usually when we rescue strays we have to be on alert as we can never predict how they will react being in a strange environment and leashed up. Some strays don’t like the leash around their necks and will struggle or panic.

Bentley at the vet. His neck is swollen from an abscess 
Bentley on the other hand was extremely docile and allowed himself to be leashed and led out slowly from the carrier. The smell of maggots filled the consult room. He was a big dog, bigger than a Labrador but oh my, what a gentle giant he was – sweet, calm, docile, submissive and what a big baby.

As Fiona held Bentley by the leash, he gave a shake and all of the maggots and pus came splashing all over Fiona! That’s how bad it was. It was a sorry sight to see, but we knew Bentley was now in safe hands.

As we were waiting for the vet to prepare the drips and medicines, we noticed Bentley was drowsy and that meant that the infection and septicemia was setting in. Dogs can die from septicemia.

When the vet and vet technician got started with shaving and the flushing of the wound, we realized with horror that Bentley actually had many more bite wounds around his neck, ears and even on his legs which were initially covered by his fur. After shaving we saw almost 8 puncture wounds with deep teeth marks. It was probably a very bad fight and the poor boy was suffering in pain and going through this all alone. We knew why he was attacked – he is really sweet and submissive, easy prey for the stronger, alpha dogs to pick on.

Numerous puncture wounds on various parts of his body

A more visible wound after shaving off his fur

After cleaning of his wound and removal of the maggots

Bentley is now in safe hands with HOPE. But his future looks bleak as his ‘family’ is moving to another location. Hopefully they will bring these furry residents with them, otherwise they will become homeless soon.

Bentley is a very sweet, calm and goofy dog, and for anyone who would be lucky enough to adopt him we guarantee you won’t regret it, he is truly such a gentle giant. Fiona says Bentley reminds her of Harry, in size and temperament.

Email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg and give Bentley the happy future that he deserves.