Duchess. Stray No More

Duchess, now known as Dutch, with her new mommy, Anne
Our family fostered Duchess for 5 weeks during February and March this year (2014). Duchess’ stay was limited, as I had to return to the UK for a few weeks and she was picked up by the volunteers to be taken to her new fosterer. She refused to go with the volunteers so I had to physically place her in the car. Duchess was absolutely devastated. The distress on her face was upsetting and when I walked back into the house and looked at my son and daughter we all burst out crying. They kept repeating through tears how upset she was, it was then I realised that she had chosen us as her family and we had to adopt her. 

Four weeks later Duchess came bouncing through our gate all excited to be back. What a fantastic welcome we all got from her! Within a couple of hours after the initial excitement had worn off, I was flabbergasted at how fast she had settled back in. Duchess remembered the daily routine as if she had never been left.

Duchess is such a good natured girl and gets on well with my 16 year old dog, Rusty. She is very good with Rusty especially when he takes her chew, she will sit beside him and wait patiently until he is finished. Likewise, she is fascinated by our 2 year old rescued cat Lily and tries very hard to be friends but Lily will have none of it.

Duchess is such a sweetheart, very social, loves her daily walks – sniffing out new smells and greeting other dogs. After her evening walk she loves nothing better than to curl up on her big comfy bed and go to sleep and sleeps like a baby all night. She knows her routine and will wait patiently by the window until I return from my morning walk with Rusty, knowing her long walk is next. Duchess loves to fetch the ball in the garden with my son and has such a proud posture  when she sits and surveys her surroundings with her entertaining floppy ears which many people find very cute. Duchess has been very easy to train and I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of my time with her so that she has never had a chance to develop any bad habits. Duchess is a fantastic addition to our family just like my two other rescued pets. If you have the time, patience and a lot of love to give, rescued pets are by far the best.

By Anne Brogan and family

Duchess was rescued from Jurong Island in January 2014 by a kind Muslim man, Mr Aziz. She was found with a broken leg and a long gash on her stomach. She was a mere puppy at 3 mths old. She survived the surgery to repair her broken leg and stitch up the long gash on her belly and in no time, was as good as new.

Duchess standing proud

She never let the accident affect her, always being in high spirits. After just a few short months, Duchess was fortunate to be adopted by Anne and her family. Because of the accident that shattered her bone in numerous places, Duchess has one hind limb shorter than the other but it is exactly this reason that the family love her. To them, she is a perfect dog, despite her imperfections.

We thank Anne and her family for adopting Duchess, now known as Dutch. We lost a good foster, but we found a permanent home for Dutch.

Thank you Mr Aziz for saving me