Theo And His New Family

Do you remember our sweet little cat, Theo? He was possibly a victim of a hit and run accident, and was badly injured because of an irresponsible person who just left a helpless animal in pain, in a multi-storey car park. He had to undergo a complicated surgery to remove his eyeball and get his eye socket stitched up.

Theo when he was first rescued
Theo was finally discharged after he showed signs of recovery. He took two weeks to adjust to living in a foster home with his foster, Adrianna, and her two teenage kids. The 2 teenage kids loved Theo a lot and he thrived under their care. Initially, he threw up when they fed him with the tube and was slightly uncomfortable in the new environment. But he soon became comfortable and his wounds began to heal well.

Theo happily settled with his new forever family
When the time came to rehome him, we were worried that we would not be able to find a family good enough for Theo. The great news came when Adrianna and the two kids decided to adopt Theo instead! This is the life that Theo had always wanted. He is currently living the life and enjoying every moment of it. What happened to him didn't bring him down, but made him stronger. He may be left with only one eye, but he can still see the colours of life, and feel the love that's showered on him. We believe that is all that matters.

A big thank you to everyone who had helped in Theo’s rescue and recovery. We cannot express enough gratitude to those who contributed to his medical bills and also took time just for Theo. With all your help, we saved yet another stray. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

Written by Yun Lu

Theo's adopted family's story:

The moment we chanced upon Theo on Facebook, we felt for him. Strangely, we strongly felt that we had to care for him, even if it was just fostering. So we contacted HOPE Dog Rescue. About a week later, Theo was resting in our house.

This is the life for Theo!
Initially, I was skeptical about whether we could handle the tube feed and all the nursing after his operation. But surprisingly, the children were so wonderful with him. When I was busy at work, they took over the tube feeding and care. He recovered in no time.

Theo watching TV with his new siblings

By then, my children had become so attached to Theo. They refused to let him go. Theo stole our hearts as well. He's an easy and gentle cat. He's very affectionate and very sweet. We know he needs a lot of love and care. He must have gone through a lot of trauma. We decided to keep him.

Today, he brings great joy to my little family. He is our wonderful one-eyed pirate, our darling at home.

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