Adopt Jerry. Tall, sleek and lean machine!

Jerry was rescued when he was a 1 month old,  found in a construction site with a broken tail. 
He recovered well after his tail was amputated. Within 2 months, he was adopted by a French family, who kept Jerry for 8 months but they left him behind when they left Singapore.

We're going to bombard you with many photographs of Jerry, to convince you that he's the best thing that could ever happen to you!

Look at Jerry's mesmerizing eyes

Jerry is enjoying the view outside. He is on leash because he is at a friend's apartment and there are no window grilles. (Safety precaution)

A little goofy, Jerry is really a gentle giant despite his size. At first sight, his size may be rather intimidating but he would never harm a fly. Always standing still to allow little humans to stroke him, he is an angel with children of all ages and other dogs, including small dogs. In fact, if he could, he would be friends with the whole world; such is his gregarious, gentle nature.

Such a pleasant sweetheart

Enjoying his walk with our volunteer

Other than humans, and dogs, Jerry loves food! With food, all things are possible with Jerry. He learns fast with the right motivation and is ever eager to please. He knows when to play and when to remain calm and chill. He enjoys his walks and runs but is equally comfortable lazing beside you while you work or watch TV. Toys are his other love. He is able to entertain himself when given a toy. Not only does he entertain himself, he will also entertain you with his silly antics! Jerry is not destructive, is outdoor, as well as pee pad trained. How much better can it get?

What a gentleman!

Jerry loves his toys and will entertain himself when you are busy

If you are looking for an exercise companion, Jerry is the perfect fit for you. With his tall and lean build, he is able to keep pace with you as you go on your runs. He could probably gallop much faster but being the sweetheart that he is, he is willing to accommodate your pace and run beside you, looking to you for direction every now and then. 

Jerry loves playing fetch and catch

Intelligent and a fast learner

Easy-going and happy-go-lucky, his temperament is sweet and when you meet him, this charming boy will steal your heart easily, and his gorgeous brown eyes will mesmerize you. Jerry will really thrive in a home with children, attention and love. He would be a perfect family dog, lying quietly while the children brush or pat him. Will you open your heart and home to him and bring him home?

He'll be your child's best friend (Children who grow up with dogs learn empathy and compassion.)
This young boy was initially terrified of dogs but Jerry taught him how to overcome his fear

Jerry gets on well with dogs of all sizes (Seen here with Harper)
Jerry is presently at a home foster and will only have the home foster till October 15, after which he will need to go to commercial boarding. This will not only cost us money (boarding fees), it will also upset Jerry tremendously while he readjusts to being kept in a commercial boarding facility.
Will you please give Jerry a home? He dreads going to the commercial boarding facility

Will you give Jerry a home?

Jerry is excellent with children

Jerry is a local crossbreed, extremely tall, lanky and graceful looking. He is estimated to be about 1 ½ years old and definitely not HDB approved.

To give Jerry a home, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg He is equally comfortable in an apartment or in a house with a garden.