Dead From A Broken Heart (Good Bye Taz)

It is with deepest regrets that we announce that Taz had passed away earlier this morning in his sleep.

Life had not been kind to Taz. After Taz was discharged from the vet, he was brought back to the place where he was found as there was nobody to foster him. In the few short days that he was back there, poor Taz often fell into the drain and could not get back up due to his poor coordination and vision, possibly due to suspected neurological problems. While awake, he would pee and poo in the same place and not move away, causing him to be soaked in pee and pestered by flies. Luckily, the caregiver in the area, Mr Lim, would look out for him and carry him out of the drain. Unfortunately, this was hardly the ideal solution as Mr Lim had to work and it was too dangerous for Taz to continue living there.

Abandoned and Taz found this and called it home
Subsequently, a kind lady, Ms L, read about Taz and offered to take care of Taz and Taz was brought under her care. What seemed to be a new start for Taz proved to be otherwise.

All he did was sleep 24/7. He had no friends and none of the dogs would go near him.

He hardly ever opened his eyes
Taz was fed three square meals a day and despite that, did not put on any weight at all. Taz was also often in a world of his own and was often found stuck facing walls or corners and needed help to turn him around. Taz would spend whole days sleeping. He would also bark late into the night for no apparent reason. However, numerous blood tests showed nothing wrong and Taz was scheduled for another consultation next week to try to get to the root of his problems and source for an answer for his puzzling behaviour. In fact, we had pooled our funds together and had made an appointment for him to have a CT brain scan next week as we suspected he might have a brain tumour.

Soaked in his own pee and covered with flies
Often he would wander about and fall Into this drain
Kind Mr. Lim would search for him and carry him out
In the past two weeks, Taz also had two grand mal seizures, with the last one happening last night – after which Taz appeared restless and finally slept past midnight.

Early this morning, the foster saw Taz and Taz was still sleeping soundly. The helper then went to prepare Taz’s meal and came back half an hour later to find that Taz had just pass away in his sleep, with his body still warm.

Strange that he hardly opened his eyes
Taz was estimated to be only a year old or so, and yet throughout his short time here in our world, each day was plagued with suffering and pain. From being abandoned to living on the streets and even subsequently to when he had a home, Taz did not seem to enjoy a day of happiness, unlike other young dogs his age.

We would like to sincerely thank Ms L for her kindness in taking such good care of Taz in his final days and for providing him with the love and care that he deserved.

Rescued and went to Ms. L's house and eyes were still closed
We’re not sure what Taz died of. Apart from a broken heart, we speculate he may have a ruptured brain tumour.

Taz’s unwavering loyalty to his owner even after he was abandoned was truly inspiring and he would forever have a place in our hearts. A private cremation would be held for him this Sunday noon.

The only comfort we had was that Taz passed away peacefully and painlessly, and that he would be in a better place now.

Rest in peace, Taz.

Written by Yeo Zhiyi