Milky’s Last Chance

Our last call for a home for Milky has been futile. Although we really cannot bear to let her go, we have no choice as we do not have a shelter, available fosters or funds to maintain all her life if she does not get adopted. We will be returning her back to the factory this Saturday after her final vet review.

When we first took on Milky, we were aware that we could not take in any more doggies. Saving a dog is a long term commitment, but looking at her condition, we could not say no to her, she could hardly open her eye from the pain. She is so young and her eye must be hurting her so  badly. If we had not stepped in, she would have turned blind eventually. For the past 3 weeks, she has had a roof, consistent food and a family albeit temporary. We are very concerned if Milky can fend for herself back at the factory and if her pack of dogs recognize and accept her back into their pack.

Therefore, we decide to cringe tentatively to hope and try one last time to appeal for a home for her. Milky is a young puppy who needs a pet parent who will guide her and teach her right from wrong. She is a big baby, playful, friendly and a joy to be around. Milky needs a home, welcome her into your home and she will fill it with joy and erm…poop?

Milky is actually very well-behaved and calm, unlike most puppies her age. We would highly recommend her!

On a serious note, an adopted dog is always different in the gratitude they feel. They do understand that you have saved them from a fate that is unknown and filled with dangers, rainy days and empty stomachs. Please change Baby Milky’s fate. Adopt, don’t buy. Save a life today. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

She has till Saturday.

Name : Milky
Breed : Local Crossbreed
Age : 3+ mths old

*We can't be sure if she will be HDB approved as she is still young and growing.