It wasn't the norm for Kat’s father (Mr S) to be urgently contacting her over the phone. It must be something of great magnitude. Mr S had received an appeal from a friend to help circulate the pressing message for immediate adoption of 3 dogs as the owner would be flying off the very next day.

What would happen to these dogs if there were no takers within the next 24 hours?  

Would they be abandoned? Sent off to a shelter? If so, what would their fate be?

Just arriving back in Singapore from a trip, Kat had to do something. Firstly, she posted a Facebook status that 3 dogs were urgently up for adoption. Following, Kat messaged her friend, Fiona, who is the founder of Hope Dog Rescue. Despite knowing HOPE had already hit beyond their capacity to take in any more dogs under their wings, Kat still looked to Fiona for advice on what could be done to avert a possible untold destiny of the 3 dogs up for immediate adoption. Thankfully, Fiona replied swiftly and without further ado, she was willing to take in all the dogs and help re-home them. Another avid canine lover, Ivy, responded to Kat’s Facebook status and was ready to adopt one of the dogs.
This picture was sent to Kat
While trying to establish the background of the dogs, Kat got to know that there were 3 dogs for immediate adoption - 1 French bulldog (which had already been taken up by the time Kat responded) and a pair of poodles. Unexpectedly, the initial owners were in fact pressing to have the dogs sent away that very night, with less than 2 hours till the very next day when the owner will be flying off. They were ready to send the canines to any person’s doorstep, along with the cage.

More dogs were given away
In the nick of time, Kat contacted Ivy and is very grateful to Ivy and family as they were agreeable to welcome the male poodle at the eleventh hour.

The female poodle, on the other hand, had no certain place to be sent to in such short notice, as Fiona was out on a rescue mission and unable to arrange for an immediate destination for the dog to be sent to. Thus, Kat and family decided that they would house the female poodle overnight, so that Fiona could arrange for a pick up the next day.

Shortly passed 11pm, the female poodle arrived at Kat’s doorsteps. Her cries echoed through the tranquility of the quiet night. Kat witnessed the female poodle crying out a destitute and throbbing goodbye to BinBin (the male poodle to be sent to Ivy after this stop). After all, they had been kept together as a breeding pair for some years.

Within minutes of settling down at Kat’s place, the curious little poodle was peeking out of her cage. She is very good natured and a very loving dog.

At the Vet
The next morning, Fiona had the poodle sent to the vet for a thorough medical check-up. This sweet girl is estimated to be 4 years old, has undergone a full medical health check and is in perfect health. She has since been sterilized, had some teeth extracted and vaccinated.

We named her Blossom.

How much do you think they have made from her
It is questionable that these dogs were breeding canines. A total of 4 pure-bred dogs (a pair of French bull dogs and a pair of poodles) were initially up for immediate adoption. It is unclear why the previous owner wanted to dispose the dogs so urgently, together with unmarked kibbles in plastic bags, cages and all. If the previous owner was indeed a home breeder, how much tainted money did they make from these pitiable dogs?

To adopt Blossom, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg