Ah Mei Has A New Life (Arya)

Ah Mei has been adopted! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

A dog fight had torn Ah Mei’s left eyelid and she would have gone blind if left untreated. Thank goodness we got her in time. After a successful operation to reconstruct her eyelid, which allowed her to close her eye properly, the vet informed us that the muscle in her left eye was damaged and that she would never be able to close her eye fully. Also, she would need eye drops for life. This left us in a dilemma; if she was to go back to the factory after discharge in accordance with our original plan, her left eye may deteriorate and who would apply her eye drop for her daily? We made a last ditch appeal for Ah Mei and thank goodness a foster came forward in the nick of time.

After Ah Mei was discharged, things were not smooth sailing. Due to stress caused by moving to a new environment, she had diarrhea, her immunity went down and tick fever, which was probably in her, surfaced. This meant another stint at the vet. Thank goodness she recovered rapidly and her kind foster visited her at the vet almost daily.

Finally, after a string of unfortunate events, its seems Ah Mei’s luck is finally changing for the better. Her foster, Mona has confirmed her adoption and renamed her Arya.

Ah Mei (Arya) and her new mommy, Mona
Dear Arya, congratulations and we will always remember you as the huggable teddy bear who is ever so good natured and smiley. Your love for walks and penchant for food as well as your affectionate nature has endeared you to many and all of us will miss you lots! We are ever so happy that from now on, you will be safe from bad weather and will always go to bed with a full tummy. Despite your lopsided left eye, your new mummy loves you lots and you will always be perfect and beautiful in her eyes. It must be true love, like a fairy tale come true. May the both of you live together happily ever after!

Thank you Mona for giving Arya a forever home and we hope that all our fur babies who are still waiting for their forever homes will find their families soon too.

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