Cody. Rejection

Please help me
It has been a most trying day. Yesterday, Cody visited the vet. He has been living at a commercial boarding place, with volunteers delivering home cooked food to him daily. The volunteers have feedback that he seems to be getting weaker and skinnier. We were very concerned and decided to get him checked. A previous diagnosis had tested Cody positive for heartworm and we are seeking a second opinion. Three volunteers were on standby at the vet and when Cody arrived in a pet transport. Words can’t describe how they truly felt. It was like a replay of Elmo’s case; the skeletal frame, the bare patches on his skin with almost non-existent fur, the pungent smell of rotting skin and what can be worse, you ask? Cody’s eyes; dejection and depression looking out from his sweet brown eyes. He seems to have given up on life. The volunteers’ tears just flowed down their cheeks silently and words seem to be stuck in their throats somewhere.

What happened to Cody
Hardly any fur left on his skeletal frame
The first heartworm test’s results turned up negative.  However, we were not convinced and did a cardio ultrasound. Cody allowed the vet to flip him and scan his heart. It was such a pitiful sight, he looked so resigned and helpless. A volunteer tried to encourage him by telling him constantly that he was not alone, and that this was for his own good. Cody did not respond and he seemed to be unable to trust us. We really cannot blame him. He has been through so many hardships and there is only so much his poor wrecked body can take.

His skin is so dry he cuts and bleeds easily
Cardio ultrasound for heartworms
At the end of a grueling 5 hours at the vet, Cody was finally diagnosed with heartworm, and his skin condition is most likely caused by mange and stress. However, his rapid weight loss is a great cause for concern and we do not know what is causing it. Further tests may be necessary to ascertain the root cause. The vet was reluctant to admit Cody due to a lack of space but as it was late, they finally allowed it after much pleading as we did not want to stress Cody by moving him after such a long and stressful day. Our volunteers were drained after spending 5 hours at the vet but what is worse is we have not helped Cody. As the vet is not confident of treating his heartworm, we will be bringing him to another vet tomorrow to seek treatment. 

How painful and raw his paws must feel

It’s December and the Christmas season is here. The atmosphere in all the malls seems so cheery and happy. But when I think of what Cody is going through, all these festive cheer seems fabricated and overrated. He is a stark reminder to me that there are so many others who may not be as fortunate or blessed. Regardless of which charitable organization you support, if it’s within your means, do help to spread the cheer as its only then, will we be celebrating the true spirit of Christmas.

If you will like to contribute to Cody’s vet bills or provide a warm home for Cody to recuperate even if its just short term, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Perhaps all Cody needs is love and someone who truly understands him, to warm his heart and gives him the strength to recover and fight on. We will all pray for his angel to appear.