Loving Momo & Sparky (Happily Adopted!)

Have you ever thought of adopting a dog? If so, have you ever thought of adopting a street dog? Too aggressive! Unfriendly beasts! Ungrateful too! These are the few words that pop into our minds right? I am also no exception. Before we adopted two extremely wonderful street dogs, I had the same thought. However, ever since we adopted two street dogs, they have become my personal teachers. They are very grateful just because they have a roof over their heads and look forward to every single day! 

Initially, my mum wanted to adopt a pure breed dog but as we chanced upon many, many articles of dogs dying or being abandoned, my mum decided that we will adopt a street dog. Since the two adorable dogs we wanted were siblings and we did not want to separate them, we decided to adopt them both, Momo and Sparky.

This is handsome Sparky

Although, Momo lives with my aunt, she brings her endless joy. When my aunt feels down, she just has to see Momo’s smiling face and that will cheer her up.

This is cute little Momo

Sparky is an energetic boy who loves to have fun and is extremely loyal. Although he took time to cope with this environment, he brings love and joy to the family.

Dogs are loyal. As long as you show them affection and care they will always be by your side. As the saying goes: a dog is a man’s best friend. This saying is extremely true. Every living being has a life and dogs are of course also beings. There are still many street dogs out there hoping to find a loving home. All the volunteers at HOPE do their best to give all the rescued dogs temporary shelter to try save their lives. On the other hand, we can adopt or foster the street dogs and provide them a decent live.

I would really like to emphasize that dogs deserve more care, and that they are not aggressive little creatures in fact they care for us too. When we feel upset, they will always nudge you to cheer you up.

However when adopting or fostering a dog, it is a commitment and they will be with you for life so do not adopt and discard them away like trash. To end, I believe those who will adopt a street dog will raise them like another child and save a life. 

Note from HOPE : Momo & Sparky had lived in the kennels for some time before they found true love and a new life. We are delighted that Momo and Sparky have been happily adopted by Linda, Wendy and the rest of the lovely family and are now the happiest doggies on earth because they have lots of love, food and most of all, a happy home!

Photographs and story by Schuyler Chua (12 years old)