Wang Wang

I don’t know if this is good news or bad news. Previously, we updated that there were 4 dogs with TVT and only 2 were left. Last week, we saw only one and managed to catch him. His name is Bradley and thanks to all your support and help, he is on his way to recovery. We thought all the other 3 dogs had perished from the cancer, after all, Bradley was in such bad shape that he probably won’t be able to survive another month.

The good news is we found the second dog.
Another TVT dog, his penis has fallen off
The bad news is, his condition is as bad as Bradley if not worse. His name is Wang Wang. Bradley was found with his penis hanging by only one strand of muscle. Wang Wang has no penis. It has rotted and fallen off. His genitals area is one mass of rotting flesh with maggots crawling everywhere. He is in such pain that he cannot urine without crying or sleep without whimpering.
Thats all thats left of his penis which contiues to rot

We had been at a loss when we first got Bradley. We couldn’t bear to let him hurt for even one more day, but how were we going to afford the bills? The question of costs is always on our minds as we do not know how long the treatments will take and we are still drained from the extended stay of our dogs at the vet last quarter. Every other day, it seems that we are always asking for money. When Bradley’s feeder first approached us, we asked if she could check with other rescue groups if they can assist, but she did not receive any response. How could we know of a dog suffering and yet turn a blind eye and walk away? The least we could do was plead for your help and support. There was an outpouring of help that lightened our hearts and it’s with this hope I write this.
Penis and whats left of it
Will you help Wang Wang too? He continues to roam the streets in pain  . . .