URGENT PLEA! Zoey Has Nowhere To Go!

Sweet Zoey needs a home environment to recuperate!

Zoey is ready to be discharged and needs a foster urgently! Poor Zoey went for her third surgery on 16 January 2015, to fix her dislocated hip. The first two was to clean the huge wound on her stomach and the next was to close it. Dr Ly advised us that he'd left her fracture near the pelvis untouched because it's located at a very sensitive area with a lot of nerves and more harm may result from trying to fix her fracture. Thus, it was recommended to let it heal on its own. In addition, Zoey's biopsy results confirmed that she has TVT, plus a tumour in her vulva. Poor Zoey! Her suffering seems never ending, all the bad news coming one after another.

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Zoey often looks worried and deep in thought

With the 3 surgeries that Zoey had gone through, we've chalked up more than $12K of vet bills alone, not including our other rescues. However much we wish to, we will not be able to rescue or help anymore new rescues for the time being now because we are knee-deep in debts with our vet bills! We cannot afford to keep Zoey at the vet to recuperate but we certainly do not wish to release her back to the streets while we only keep her sole survivor Lily. This is definitely not fair for Zoey! Please help us to help Zoey! 

Zoey needs a home with no dogs as she requires plenty of rest and her movements must be restricted to minimal because excessive movements will aggravate her wound and impede her recovery. Zoey can be confined to a room or small area while you are at work. Her wound is still reddish and looks a bit raw, so she is on antibiotics and her foster will need to clean her wound twice daily. Poor Zoey needs a home to let her rest and recuperate after 3 surgeries, a clean place for her lie on so that her wound will not get infected, and a quiet environment for her to heal her soul after losing 4 of her 5 puppies.

Are you able to help foster this sweet mummy? She has gone through so much and needs your help! She needs to be discharged from the vet by this week.

Please kindly step forward and offer your assistance if you can! Be it to offer your help to foster Zoey, or help us with her vet bills, please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg today to help sweet Zoey! She deserves more after going through so much hardship!