A Dying “Baby”

We begin this post with a sombre mood and a heavy heart.

As usual, Sundays are spent checking on the dogs whom we feed regularly, usually in factories, construction sites and farms.

This particular Sunday, we received an SOS call from an uncle (Mr.R) who feeds strays. He saw a dog whom he has been feeding, lying on the road not moving. Alarmed and worried, he went over to check and realized that the poor dog (whom he had affectionately named Baby) was barely alive, trembling and wracked with pain from her injuries. She must have been a victim of a hit-and-run driver and was left there to die. Extreme fear and the throbbing pain made Baby react irrationally and she bit Mr R when he tried to carry her to move her to safety. Despite that, he still carried her gently to the side and called us for help. Even though Mr R was grimacing in pain from his own bite wound, he still sent Baby to the vet first so she could be attended to urgently. Such was the anguish in Mr R’s expression when he saw Baby whimpering pitifully from her injuries that we could not hold back our own tears. After Baby was sent to the vet, he then quickly left to seek medical attention for his bite wound, which he later received 15 stitches for. Before he left, he pleaded with us to help Baby as he could not afford the vet bills, and yet could never live with himself if he had just left her to die. Even though we are barely scrapping by with our meagre funds, we agreed because we knew he had no one to help him and poor Baby is an innocent victim.

Poor Mr R has to be on medical leave for weeks and the only biggest worry that is plaguing him is that he can’t go out to feed the hungry strays that wait for him daily. Such is the compassion of the human spirit that really inspires, motivates and encourages us in our heart-breaking rescue work. The food that Mr R uses is also partially supplied by Hope as we strongly believe in supporting the effort of the kind souls who have empathy and love for street dogs.

When the vet saw the extent of Baby’s injuries from the x-ray, he closed his eyes from the horrific image. One could not imagine the magnitude of the agony Baby is going through. Both Baby’s hips were crushed. When he further examined her, he noticed tire marks and huge bruises on the inside of her thighs and her legs. Her whole lower body was swollen from the impact and he had thought that her bladder was ruptured. The irresponsible driver must have been going at a high speed or not watching the road to be able to deliver such a lethal and disastrous impact to Baby. Those mere seconds of carelessness from an inconsiderate driver rendered a poor helpless innocent dog shriveled up and shuddering with tremendous pain. The injustice that raged in us when we see one of our own lying broken and defenseless is indescribable. The vet also had to insert a catheter as it was too painful for Baby to even pee. He had great difficulty inserting the catheter as her bladder was so swollen. It was only during the next day’s surgery that they realized that during the high impact, poor Baby’s bladder had been pushed and totally displaced! Despite being sedated, Baby cried softly while we discussed her situation. Pitiful Baby, confused, bewildered and scared out of her wits at her unfortunate predicament. The senior vet whom we consulted said had she not been saved in time, she would have died a slow painful death by the roadside.

Catheter inserted so she could clear her bladder, a mixture of infected urine and blood
Baby's lower body was so swollen from the impact
Terrible bruises and swelling on her inner thigh
Hind legs swollen from impact

Poor Baby was passing out blood clots

A surgery would set us back about $8000/- to insert metal plates and pins in both her hips and an estimated 10 days stay at the vet. The vet had said she would most likely need to stay 3 to 4 weeks as she would require daily wound cleaning and emptying of her pee bag, etc but since we can ill afford the $8000/-, we are praying we will find a foster upon her discharge.

Despite the long road to recovery, Baby would have a shot at a second chance in life and would be able to run and jump one day again. It would be a very complicated surgery as the vet would need to ensure that the nerves are not damaged in the midst of the surgery. However it is the news that Baby would be saved that lifted our spirits a little. Such a poor sweet innocent life should not be taken away so abruptly in such a grisly manner. Seeing Baby cling on to life fueled our strong desire to get her through this excruciating part of her journey. Her puppy eyes, although drained out from the agonizing pain from her injuries, seem to have the tiny glimmer of hope that the worst is over for now. It was fate that Mr R discovered her in time and got her to us. It is now Hope that we will cling on to, to raise funds for Baby’s surgery and a smooth recuperation for her. The journey for her is going to be fraught with difficulties. It is her unwavering desire to live that enabled her to cling on till now.

Minor scratches on undersides
Please, if the circumstance of Baby had touched a compassionate part of your heart, we are appealing for your help with Baby's vet bills. No amount is too small and we are grateful for every bit of your kind efforts in helping us rescue the abandoned, the destitute, the forgotten ones on the streets. The ones who are so appreciative of the little they have and yet given the harshest facets of life. Please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can offer us a helping hand. 

Baby sedated while the Vet examined her

Updates : According to Mr R, Baby is a female street dog, about 6 years old.

She has undergone one surgery (on 7 July 2015) to push her displaced bladder back in place. Thankfully her bladder was not ruptured. She will undergo her second surgery (on 9 July 2015) to repair both her fractured hips.

Written By: Jamie Faith