We Caught Horlicks

Many of you may recollect our updates on the vacated factory. Remember an update on a particular dog that was shunned by the other dogs? This is him, Horlicks!

This was him living outside the factory because he was ostracized by all the dogs
He is one of the sweetest boys we have ever met. He really makes you wonder how he managed to survive on the streets, alone, all this time. Our volunteers recall week after week of going down nightly, sitting near him on the pavement for hours, spending time with this sweet boy, trying to gain his trust, and finally catching him. The shrieks of fear he gave out when we caught him still remain so vividly in many of our minds. It must have been a very bad experience for him, out in this big world all alone, with no friends and nothing. But we are so glad that we managed to save him from his solitary life on the streets.

After he was caught, Horlicks was sent to the vet for his checkup and sterilisation. He is estimated to be a little bit more than a year old, and very healthy. His wound was a little infected after the surgery, but after a follow-up visit to the vet and some medication, this boy is up and well again.

What a cute face!

He has been adapting well to urban life, and progressing steadily at his own pace. We have not been pushing him on rehabilitation because this boy is still very timid. He loves to play with squeaky soft toys, and entertains himself by throwing the toy with his mouth and then fetching it later. We used to be able to only touch him on the tip of his nose and not get any closer. Today, we can shower him with kisses on his forehead and rub his belly. We can clean his face with a wet towel after his meals and his paws after he does his business.

Horlicks is now ready to be fostered. The foster must be very firm (not fierce), and most importantly, very careful as this boy still is a very high flight risk. In a new environment, there is a high chance that he will try to escape. He is used to the volunteers, and will always lie down and ask for belly rubs, but he needs time to warm up to strangers. The foster must be very patient and preferably go along with his pace and not push him.

He is paper-trained and loves food. He never fails to finish all his food, which means that he is food-motivated and highly trainable.

If you have space in your home and heart for this lovely boy, for fostering/adoption, please write to us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. He is content with a roof over his head, food, squeaky toys and some belly rubs.