Updates On Baby (1)

We went to the vet to visit Baby today. It is apparent she is still in great pain despite being on very strong pain killers to help her cope. Baby is a very sweet and affectionate dog. She loves pats and will close her eyes to let you stroke her head. How sad it is that this stray who has never experienced the warmth of a home before can respond so well to human affections.

*Initial rescue story 

Sweet Baby is a rather big dog, resembling a hound. 

We had spoken to the senior vet and they reckoned that poor innocent Baby was most probably sleeping under a huge heavy truck, which went off and rolled over her in the centre, splitting her hips apart and pushing her bladder forcefully to the thigh, see the picture circled in red. Listening to this sent shivers down our spine. Predictably some parts of her bladder was totally damaged and the vet removed it during surgery. Those parts were beyond saving as there was no blood flow, just like a dead piece of flesh in her. Her bladder is now smaller than normal and she is still on a catheter. The vet advised to keep the catheter on for now and then remove it maybe a week later and see if she can pee normally.

As seen on the x-ray after dilating, poor Baby's bladder is indeed in her thigh region

A terribly bruised leg. The undersides are even worse

Baby still has not poo as it’s probably too painful to do so, so poo was cleared manually during surgery. She is on a completely soft diet and laxatives so as not to aggravate her current condition as forcing to poo would be extremely painful for her. 

Despite the constant agonizing pain she is going through, Baby is still so sweet, craving for that extra pats we give her. It is apparent that she had not known what it is like to be loved and cherished like a family pet. We are so heartbroken when we see this poor broken dog lying there just simply wanting some affection. We are also amazed and filled with admiration for Baby’s unrelenting strong spirit. Dogs are really tough creatures. Imagine when we have a cut on our hand and its hurts so bad that we complain and grumble about the inconvenience and the pain. But brave Baby had both her hips crushed beyond recognition, bladder displaced appallingly, having problems even to pee, in constant pain, yet she can lift her sweet little head to acknowledge our pats and kind words.   

Lower part of her body still extremely swollen

Baby is very scared of the e-collar as perhaps it limits her vision. She freaked out and shrieked when it was put on her so the vet removed it so as to keep her calm. But Baby seems to be a very understanding and a clever girl and never once chewed off her drip lines. 

When we visited her just now, her right hind leg is still very swollen. The other side of her body is even redder with huge purple bruises, the injuries consistent with a heavy truck that rolled over her. We were wordless with dismay and there were huge lumps in our throats as we see the huge angry purple bruises all over her small body. It makes us wince when we try to imagine the pain she is feeling.  

Our vet bill now is $7000/- and set to increase further due to the extra unforeseen surgeries. We still have not included Baby’s hospitalization stay for the next 2 weeks, the hip surgery and her medications. 

Thank you everyone for saving me
Despite the sadness surrounding Baby’s condition, we are very heartened and grateful for all those who have reached out and donated to us selflessly. Thank you very much for your kindness and believe that strays are worth saving. We have raised $3500 so far and are urgently appealing for more funds to help us cope with Baby’s vet bills.  

Please help us save Baby and share this post. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can help in anyway. 

Written By Jamie Faith