Updates On Baby (3)

Baby just had her hip surgery done on one hip. The other is fractured but the vet didn't want to put Baby through too much so decided to let the other hip heal on its own. The hip accident is rather similar to Zoey’s case where only one hip was operated on.

The senior vet said she can be discharged tomorrow and we urgently need a foster and a place for her to rest and recover from her surgery. Baby’s bladder has healed nicely and she is not incontinent, which is excellent news to us. Her hips still hurt, so she will whine a bit when she squats to pee. She is still on pain killers and will start to feel better as the days go by.

Due to the pain from the recent hip surgery, she has to be kept confined with minimal movement, and also to allow her bones to fuse. She can stand for very short periods of time due to the very strong painkillers she is taking. Baby is not fussy with food and you can mix her medicine together with her food and she will obediently munch it down, as if she knows she needs to take the meds to get well!

Baby will need wound cleaning as there is a small portion that is still oozing. Her foster must be able to clean her wound for her. She is also required to go back to the vet to change her bandage every few days. Despite Baby being afraid of the e-collar, Baby’s foster must ensure she has it on so as to prevent any accidents with her wound area. Baby should not be left alone for more than 4 – 5 hours.

In spite of the horrendous 2 weeks she has been through in agony, we are still able to discern Baby’s inherent sweet nature. She is an adorable doggy who is extremely affectionate. You can pat her head and stroke her tummy and she will lean her head down and relax in your company. However due to the stinging pain from hips, she is very wary when anyone tries to touch her hip area and will attempt to bite. Perhaps her circumstances have made her terrified about her surroundings and people (who wouldn’t, after being wreaked with pain for 2 weeks and going through 2 painful surgeries and seeing nurses and vets 24 hours a day), she tends to bark occasionally and will whine for attention. This poor little Baby must be scared out of her wits and terribly confused after all that has happened. One moment she is blissfully walking on the road, the next thing she knows, she was run over and couldn’t even stand without pain.

If you had followed Baby’s story and you would like to make her recuperation process a little easier on her, we are appealing for you to help Baby by fostering her and giving her a place to recuperate, even if its short term. Please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can help. Please also click to share this post. Who knows, Baby’s savior might be just round the corner.

Written By Jamie Faith