Harry's Updates - All He Needed Was A Chance

Some volunteers and I visited Harry over the weekend. He was at his usual place, sleeping under a lorry while workers went about their daily grind. Gone are the days where he was chained 24/7 on a short leash, with neither food nor water. A kind man, Kenneth, saved Harry’s life by informing us of his plight and also making a contribution to Harry's food.
Harry running to us.

When Harry saw us, he ran down the tiny stretch, as fast as his old legs could carry, happy to have visitors come by to show him love and care. A volunteer, Mul, cooked beef and rice for Harry but as he was unfamiliar with her, kept his distance and only came to eat when the unfamiliar faces backed away. He preferred his usual canned food though, and gladly lapped that up first.
Harry’s stomach has filled out and he didn’t seem to be dripping blood. We are extremely thankful to all our friends and animal lovers who wrote in to offer help for Harry, paying his vet bills and ensuring he does not go hungry.
Mul, trying to coax Harry to eat his dinner.

This was a dog who had no reason to “hope” anymore. It’s amazing, despite the abuse and neglect he has suffered, that he has any shred of hope left.
Helping dogs bring more joy to my life than I can ever explain in words. I look into the eyes of the neglected dogs and I feel their pain in my own heart. I hear their silent cries. I try to take on their pain, so that they may have happiness. I allow my heart to hurt, so theirs can heal. Next week, Harry goes to the Vet for a follow up review. Knowing that I have given a second chance to so many dogs that perhaps were destined to die, has given my life a value that nothing else can even approach. I get to witness miracles on a daily basis.
Darling Harry.
With each furry canine wagging it's tail and kissing my face, I am reminded of life's simple pleasures. No matter how humans have hurt or neglected them, they always seem to be forgiving. 
Harry and I thank everyone who has shown their love, care and concern.
Written by Fiona

A Dogs Soul
Every dog must have a soul
Somewhere deep inside
Where all his hurts and grievances
Are buried with his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad,
The wrong way from the right,
And where his judgement carefully
Is hidden from our sight.

A dog must have a secret place
Where every thought abides,
A sort of close acquaintance that
He trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for
Himself, He cannot speak,
Rebuked, He finds within his soul
The comfort he must seek.

He'll love, tho'he is unloved,
And he'll serve tho'badly used,
And one kind word will wipe away
The times when he's abused.

Altho' his heart may break in two
His love will still be whole,
Because God gave to every dog
An understanding Soul!