Harry Smiles A Little

After a night's rest at the vet's office, brave Harry was discharged on Sunday. As promised, volunteers came to bring him to East Coast Park to play on the beach and swim. Harry loved the sand, but didn't know what to do or how to play in it as he had never been to the beach before. He didn't roll around like other dogs love to, but he enjoyed himself on the sand nonetheless, and was even curious enough to venture into the water. He was so brave wallowing in the water, and only jumped a little when a big wave came. He seemed to love the sea, and enjoyed just standing still in the shallows and letting the waves wash around his body

Harry's first ever experience walking on sand

When it was time to eat, Harry enjoyed some yummy char siew rice during the picnic lunch with the volunteers. However, he didn't seem to be able to relax and was always on the alert. Volunteers had to carry and coax Harry into lying on the picnic mat to rest, and all the while someone had to hold him to let him know and assure him that he was safe. But as soon as there was a car zooming by, or a car door slamming shut, poor Harry would once again jump to his feet in panic.

Harry enjoying his very first picnic by the sea
After all the excitement, Harry had his favourite char siew rice on the picnic mat

Taking a stroll on his own, enjoying the freedom and experiencing many firsts
A face of contentment you say? Actually it was too glaring!

After going to the beach, Harry was brought to his new foster home, where he will stay for one week. Volunteers gave him his bath and were ready to say goodbye. It would take a while for Harry to get used to his new environment and to open up, but our volunteers will be going to visit him every night to assure him that we're still here for him and he hasn't been forgotten. Through animal communication, we found out that Harry really enjoyed his day out in the sun, though he didn't swim and only felt the water at his feet. He knows that he is now in a safe place at the foster home, but does still feel a little apprehensive as it is all so new for him. After all, it is the first time he has ever had a real home!

In a week (on 28 Aug), Harry will be going for his next chemotherapeutic jab. The weekly injections seem to be working and swelling in his groin area has subsided. The only setback of this injection is that it causes lost of appetite and weight loss.
We are grateful to Hailey and Bryan for opening their hearts and home to Harry, and we hope Harry enjoys his time with them. Also, we would like to thank everyone for being there for Harry; we wouldn't have been able to help him if not for you.
Thank you for making a difference in Harry's life!
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Written by Elena Lin