Puppy Rescue

Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless. With that, I would like to thank the entire team of volunteers, all eight of them, who sacrificed their precious rest day. Instead of spending their Sunday sleeping in or spending the day with their own dogs, they chose to spend the entire day searching for the two missing puppies, Café and Latte. Assembling early in the morning, breaking into teams, they braved the heavily forested area, snakes and many hungry mosquitoes, to spend hours searching and combing the vicinity, asking workers if they had seen the two puppies.

After the first hour of searching, we first found Café (male puppy), who was extremely dirty, tired, hungry and injured. He was immediately taken to the vet for a thorough check up.

Café (taken a few days before he went missing)

Latte (also taken a few days before she went missing)

Almost 4 hours later, the sister, Latte, was found. Thank God she was not hurt, although equally tired, hungry and dirty.

By this time, the vet was closed and she could not be taken to the vet for a check. She will be going the following day.

Removing a yellow string round his neck when we found him

Little Café too tired to move and relieved to be saved

Stay tuned for the full story; a day filled with drama, excitement, happiness and sometimes pain and sadness, of seeing the little ones injured, especially Café. Read how they had to fend for themselves at this tender age in the jungle out there and how they protected each other and looked out for one another. It’s amazing how someone so small can already show so much strength, courage and loyalty. Their love and bond for each other melted our hearts and perhaps this was the reason why the entire team of volunteers willingly spent their Sunday in search of them.

We were hoping to find at least one of them but miraculously we found both within the day and I thank the volunteers for helping in the search. Without their insistence and persistence, we may never have found the two missing pups. I am indeed grateful for having such a loving and caring team of volunteers; dedicated and compassionate. The doglets are blessed to have them.

Should you wish to adopt, foster, help with their medical bills, please email me at pops_snaps@singnet.com.sg

Mocha has been adopted by Karen, Royston and Cheryl and we thank them for loving her and making her a part of their lives.

Coffee anyone? Café? Latte? Cocoa? 

With Gratitude