HOPE for Harry

Mul and I have been visiting Harry, to ensure that he is happy and well. It’s been three days at his foster home and Harry seems to have settled in slightly, no longer sticking his nose at the main gate or trying to claw it open. In fact, he actually went into the living room while we were there, beckoning us to go in and sit with him.

Harry at his foster home
For years, Harry lived his life in a fight or flight mode and I don’t think he ever known love in his life. To witness the effects of love and care on a formerly uncared for dog has been a great joy for our volunteers. He actually wags his tail when he sees us and he goes to his foster, Hailey, when he feels he has had enough pats from us!

 Mul gave Harry some Reiki while we were chatting with Hailey and Hailey observed that Harry loves putting his face into her plants – which was the same observation our volunteers had when they took Harry to the vet. For years, he had missed and longed for this. His sadness seems to be lifting and there is a little more life in his eyes. He now spends his days catching up on lost sleep.

Harry communicated to Mul, an animal communicator, that he is still very tired and sleepy, his head heavy from the years of not having a good night’s sleep. He has taken a liking for his foster, Hailey, and likes the family dogs too. He does like his foster home and doesn’t miss his factory. Most of all, Harry LOVES his walks. He loves the sun on his back and watching the trees sway in the wind. He does feel some slight pain in his stomach and his hind legs are a little arthritic, which upsets him because he can’t seem to be able to do the things he used to do.

I used to feel sad to think that Harry had lived all of his life without a human to appreciate his value. Today, I am thankful to Hailey for loving Harry and giving him the love he has longed for all his life. He deserves no less.

Written by Fiona