Ah Mei’s Updates (Eyelid reconstruction)

Looking for a huggable teddy bear?
A thorough facial wash?
A friend to hold your hand at all times?

Look no further...we present Ah Mei!

She was brought in due to a torn eyelid from a dog fight. She was so scared that she poo-ed all the way to the consultation room! But as the days passed, her sweet nature emerged. A sweeter, more affectionate dog we have not seen. As you approach her cage, her tail wags so furiously that it’s a blur and you think she'll take off any time. As you sit next to her inside her cage at the vet, she will shower you with kisses, paw you for attention and shove her head into your chest for hugs and even more pats!

Ah Mei’s stitches were due to be removed yesterday but after the vet had checked her eye, she decided to wait a couple more days. They are also observing her to see if her eye, after surgery, is able to produce tears on its own. If it doesn’t, that’s going to pose a problem when she is returned to the factory as she will require daily eye drops.

Our original plan was to return her back to where she came from; a factory where a kind worker / caregiver takes care of her. However, she is such a darling that we can't help but make a last ditch effort appealing for a home for her. Living as a stray has its perils; she can be attacked by stray packs, hit by vehicles or she may accidentally consume poison. Ah Mei is relatively blessed in that she has regular meals, albeit unhealthy, from her caregiver Yongyhurt, but this is not a permanent arrangement. The workers are often here on 2 year contracts and will leave for their home country when their job is done. Ah Mei has so much love to give that we know any family will be blessed by her addition. She brings with her joy and laughter with her affectionate nature and an adorable smile.

Ah Mei is not HDB approved, gets along very well with humans and is super affectionate. She is such a lovable dog that we are sure she will bond with everyone she meets!

* If you are looking for a guard dog, Ah Mei will probably run up and kiss the robber.
**if you need a babysitter, your baby will have an extremely clean face from regular slobbery kisses.
***if you need an exercise companion, Ah Mei needs to lose weight too!

If you want Ah Mei, hurry and let us know! She is still at the vet but would most likely be returned to her factory by the end of this week.