Gone Too Soon (Farewell Bentley)

As our nation celebrates National Day, our team mourns the loss of our gentle giant Bentley. Still a baby, he was a rescued street dog who passed away from acute kidney failure at just 2 years old.

A private ceremony was held for him this afternoon, attended by many of our volunteers who were touched by his genteel nature and babyish behaviour. He was possibly amongst one of the sweetest street dogs we had ever rescued.

It was likely Bentley had died from poisoning. We can only speculate that he may have accidentally ingested rat bait, which contains warfarin, which caused his death. Rat bait is used to poison rats, causing them to bleed to death. A very slow and painful way to go. We can only theorize this because last night just before he passed on, he vomited blood and in the next instance, blood flowed out from his nostrils and the blood did not clot at all, which is common in rat poisoning. Even today during his cremation, blood still oozed from his mouth and nose. . . . .

We decided to share this with all pet owners to please be alert when walking your dogs. Pay attention to what they sniff or eat during their walks. Don’t text, don’t use your mobile phone. Focus your attention on your dogs. We blame no one. It was an accident and obviously no one would have wanted this to happen. It may or may not have been the situation with Bentley but nevertheless we just wanted to warn all pet owners to be careful.

Farewell Bentley. We are sorry we could not save you but you did not die in vain. Your death has taught us a tough lesson which we share and learn from.

We miss you dearly.