Updates on Bentley

Bentley is not doing well at all. We are saddened by his condition, deteriorating faster than we can rectify.

When he was first rescued aft being attacked by a pack of dogs
Recovering at the vet after his first injury

We had taken him to another vet for a second opinion. He has had x-rays done, blood tests and an ultrasound. He suffers from acute kidney failure. Both his kidneys are enlarged and his body temperature dangerously low. Volunteers have been taking time off to visit and spend time with him, as well as bringing large thick blankets to cover him and keep him warm.

He is not peeing enough and that is also a concern for the vets, which means that his kidneys are no longer functioning well. His kidney readings are 10 times past the normal range!

Waiting to see the vet yesterday after transfer

He has been salivating and the previous vet had thought that he was nauseous from all the toxins in him, but when the vet checked again, his mouth was full of terribly bad ulcers. They were so huge, spread all over his gums that is was no wonder he was salivating blood and could not eat. We feel so sorry for him.

Salivating blood from huge ulcers in his mouth

A volunteer fetched Bentley’s worker, Andy, down yesterday evening to visit him and Bentley could only lift his head for a few seconds to acknowledge the worker’s presence and lay down again.

Ulcers and pus on his gums

The vet has cautioned us that he may go into seizures any time as that is common in severe kidney failure. As it is, he has some signs of head bobbing.

We have not stopped blaming ourselves for taking 4 days before sending him to the vet. He had vomited a few times throughout the day and stopped eating 2 days before we took him to the vet, but little did we know it was so serious and that he had kidney issues. We thought it was perhaps a food allergy. We were then told that his condition is not reversible. It is reversible in minor kidney failure but in serious cases like Bentley’s, there is no second chance.

All his symptoms point to acute kidney failure from toxic poisoning. We have been cracking our heads thinking of all the things that he could have eaten and we can only speculate that he might have accidentally licked rat pee during his walks. Other than that, there was nothing toxic that he would have access to as his foster took good care of him and Bentley was such a good boy, he never stole food from the table even though he is so tall and could easily help himself.

Worker, Andy, visiting Bentley

He has had such a sad life, barely 2 years old – from having been attacked by a pack of dogs and having almost ripped off his ears to being very close to death now. Sadly, his adoption poster had just been made and Bentley was on his was to being put up for adoption and finding a family that would love him the way we do.

Now all that is gone . . .we can only hope and pray that doggie angels will help him either pull through or take him away from his misery and suffering soon.

If you can help with Bentley’s vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg