Kate Has Been Discharged

Kate has been discharged to a foster home, after having gone through a horrific experience.

Kate looking very pretty. The swelling on her jaw has subsided 

She was very scared leaving the clinic as she had been there for some weeks, finding security in her enclosure. Besides, she now has to learn to adapt her vision to using just one eye.

With some coaxing and encouragement, she made her way out of the clinic.

Kate is a very sweet, calm and strong girl who does not even flinch when her wounds are being attended to, her right eye is healing well and needs to be cleaned twice a day and the stitches are due to be removed in two weeks’ time. Her left eye is good and she is slowly adapting to living with one eye. Her jaw is still hurting as she has fractures on both sides, but the swelling on her jaw has subsided. The smaller fracture will hopefully be fused back on its own in due course, however, the big fracture near the joint, an x-ray is needed in two weeks’ time to see if the bones have fused, otherwise a surgery might be needed to remove the shattered fragments. Before being discharged, the vet did an x-ray and found that the jaw was looking slightly better but a lot more time is needed to know if it will heal on its own eventually.

Her foster has shared with us that Kate just enjoys herself basking in the sun and garden. She is easy to care for and undemanding. She spends her days quietly on her own, snoozing and day dreaming of a better life. Her foster has dogs and Kate is unperturbed by them.

Kate is still being tube fed, to minimize movement on her jaw. For now, Kate needs to go back to the vet every week for a month as she the vet needs to check her eye, and change the dressing on her neck, where the tube had been inserted. 

Thank you everyone for visiting, caring and paying for Kate's vet bills.

Would you ADOPT Kate? If you would like a chill, laid back dog, Kate's the one for you. She is a really sweet local crossbreed, estimated to be about 4 to 5 years old. We hope that YOU can be the one giving her a second chance and include her in your family ! Thank you very much! 

To ADOPT Kate or help with her vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Would you like to meet precious Kate? She will be at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center (466 Serangoon Road) on Saturday (30 August) from 10am to 11am only. Come meet her and  tell her what a brave darling she has been and perhaps, just perhaps, you too, would fall in love with her and make her a part of your family.