The Rubbish Cat

Hari Raya festivities were just winding down. The holiday spirit was still in the air. But amid the high spirits was one forlorn being. Along with post-celebration detritus like empty drink cartons, Max the cat had been thrown out like garbage.
Sitting at the steps near the rubbish dump waiting for someone to come back for her

Someone had taken Max to the rubbish collection area of an HDB estate and left him there. Of course he was anxious and confused. Where was his family? Why was he all alone in this strange, new environment? What was happening and when could he go home? Max started displaying symptoms of stress. He started licking himself compulsively, grooming himself so excessively that the fur on his lower body fell out and his skin was rubbed raw. What fur that was left turned from a soft white to a dirty brown.

Her new home, how sad

The lady that feeds cats in that area noticed this new cat. She saw how sad and scared he was. His pitiful mewing was heartbreaking. This cat was obviously used to living indoors.

One day, she saw a family pull up in a car to check up on Max. Then it happened again. The family came a few times in the next few weeks. The lady put two and two together and realised that these were the same people who had dumped Max at the rubbish collection area! It was perplexing and infuriating. Why did they visit Max after abandoning him? Did they miss him? Did they feel guilty? And why did they even abandon him in the first place?

Whatever the reason was, it was clear that Max was not doing too well out on his own. Their sporadic visits were only giving him false hope and confusing him further. That's not the way a young house cat should be living. Luckily for Max, he's one good-looking cat and will have no lack of admirers.

We took him to the vet, who gave him his vaccinations and told us that he was male and sterilized. Apart from the skin problems and an ear infection, all seemed normal with Max. He was declared healthy and discharged, sent to live with a foster.

One week later, the foster called. Max was lactating...? Our volunteer, Cherlyn, rushed Max to the vet. As it turns out, Max was actually Maxine! Haha, imagine everyone's surprise!

Obviously, Maxine was pregnant and not sterilized. We are so glad that we rescued her when we did. It would have been an incredibly traumatic and stressful experience for her to have carried her kittens to term and given birth in an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous environment. Now, she and her kittens can receive the care that a new mother and her babies should have. We look forward to welcoming some beautiful, healthy kittens soon!

Mommy Maxine and her future kittens will be up for adoption in 2 to 3 months. We're not sure what breed she is, but she looks like a cross (look at that bushy tail!). Maxine is fully vaccinated.

If you would like to take one (or more) of them home, please be advised that your home will need to be fully cat-proof and the usual house checks will be conducted. Interested? Please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg and take a queue number.

Written by Elena Lin