Destined To Be A Coffee Shop Pup

And so Oliver’s fate was not changed. From a coffee shop puppy, he will be returned to being a coffee shop puppy.

Oliver was spotted at a coffee shop and a worker having lunch there, called us
This poor little puppy's maggot wound was terribly deep

We tried many times to intervene, to change his fate and find him a home but to no avail.  
A few people had written in but when we replied, they never wrote back, despite us repeatedly trying to contact them. Some offered to board him but how long are we going to keep poor Oliver in boarding? We have dogs that have been with us for 3 years and still not able to find a home, and these are sweet, pleasant dogs. We can’t possibly afford to upkeep another dog for an indefinite period. It’s not just the boarding charges, but also the food, medical etc. It may be “just one dog” but this “just one dog” will add on to our 32 dogs and we truly can’t afford another one dog.

Oliver is a very good boy and doesn't bark. He only whines a little when he is hungry

Such a sweetie pie although this face didn't manage to move hearts

Oliver was found with a maggot wound on his right shoulder 3 weeks back and has been at the vet since. His wound was very deep and he had to undergo a surgery to stitch the wound up as it was healing too slowly. He is about 4 months old, a local street dog, and the vet and staff fuss over him every single day. They gush about how sweet, calm and affectionate he is, how well behaved he is and how they can change his dressing  and clean his wound while he stands patiently waiting for them to complete their task. All this from a 4 month old stray puppy. Amazing.

Huge long scar running down Oliver's right shoulder

And yet, no one genuine has come forth to ADOPT POOR OLIVER.

This weekend, his fate will be sealed. He returns to the coffee shop. We pray that he stays safe and that he will not be attacked by bigger dogs again, or be hurt in a traffic accident. We pray that that the coffee shop customers don’t report him to NEA and AVA and have him culled because he is a stray, a nuisance hovering around begging for food.

Sorry we couldn't save you, Oliver

Today he was sterilized and vaccinated, in preparation for his release.

Sorry Oliver dear. You’re a very good boy and we’re sorry we let you down and gave you false hopes. We’re sorry we could not find you a home.