Sick, Senior Factory Cat

During one of our regular feeding rounds at a factory, our volunteers noticed a poor female cat who was obviously unwell, weak and sneezing with a runny nose. Her tongue was sticking out and her eyes were red and watery. Our volunteers felt so sorry for this senior girl who deserved our respect after managing to survive over 10 years on the streets.

On arrival at the vet, dirty and covered with grime 

They knew they had to act quickly as they suspected she had cat flu and gum disease which is serious especially for an older cat. The volunteers were advised that this senior cat had not eaten for 3 days despite the security uncle, Ah Seng, pounding and mashing all her food for her. Despite poor living conditions in the factory, Ah Seng tries his best to give the cats and dogs the best possible care. Ah Seng is 70 years old and lives in the guard house 24/7. The cats and dogs are his family; they are all he has.

Mouth full of ulcers
Despite us being low on funds, the volunteers decided that they needed to get this cat to the vet, especially since it was a senior cat and meant the world to Ah Seng.

On arrival at the vet, she mewed loudly from inside her carrier, obviously showing her disdain in not wanting to be caged up. The volunteers noticed she had mucous discharge from her nose.

Obviously not too pleased with being manhandled. Grouchy but still cooperative
The regular blood works were run and it was then found out that she had cat flu, gum disease, her kidneys were slightly small but functioning, and her liver was a little irregular. Perhaps this was why she felt so unwell and was unable to eat.

Drawing blood to run some tests
Mouth ulcers and pale gums

As a result of her diagnosis, this senior cat needed to be warded for a few days and to be put on drip as well as she was slightly dehydrated. The vet wanted to treat her for all the ulcers in her mouth before returning her to the factory.

She has been kept in isolation, away from the other cats, and needs to be syringe fed by the staff. Despite all this, she is still alert and full of character, constantly mewing and making her presence felt.

She will be returned to Ah Seng when she has fully recovered.

If you can help with this senior cat’s vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg