Little Oliver The Coffee Shop Puppy

Remember the little puppy at the coffee shop with a maggot wound on it’s right shoulder? Well, she is actually a He. It’s a little male puppy, about 3 to 4 months old. And he is extremely sweet.

Deep maggot wound on little Oliver 

Oozing pus

He was sent to the vet for his maggot wound, which is likely caused by an attack from the adult dogs in the vicinity. We have renamed him Oliver.

Upon arrival at the vet, Oliver was terribly weak. He had difficulty keeping his eyes open and staying awake. We also noticed he had discharge in his eyes and thus requested that the vet test him for distemper, for which he tested Negative.

His maggot wound was rather deep and the vet said he needed to be warded and the next day, be put under general anesthesia to clean the wound. Little Oliver was put on drip to stabilize his condition. While waiting to be warded, little Oliver had bloody diarrhea with lots of hook worms! Hook worms are the hardest to rid. Perhaps that was why he was feeling so drowsy; he was anemic from the blood sucking hook worms.

Sweet Oliver has been warded since 16 April and is almost ready for discharge. The vets have all commented that he is very very sweet, just standing there patiently allowing them to change his dressing and clean his wound. They mentioned that it would be a pity to have to release him back to the coffee shop because he is such a good boy and well-behaved.

Unfortunately, we can’t keep Oliver as we already have 9 baby beanies on top of our 21 rescue dogs. We are NOT looking for a foster but if you wish to ADOPT OLIVER within this week, please write to us before we release him. He still has his bandage on and his new family would need to clean his wound and change his dressing daily. 

To help with Oliver’s vet bills or ADOPT him, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg