One Death Too Many

We were dealt a heartbreaking blow last night when Hugo left us. Never did we expect that we have to bid another of our charges good bye so soon.

Remember Mommy dog and her ten puppies? They have been in a foster home since all were discharged about three weeks back. Yesterday their foster informed us that the puppies were unwell and needed to see the vet. They were having bloody diarrhea, worms in their poo and nasal discharge. Before we could rush down to get the puppies, the foster had already sent Mommy dog and the 10 puppies to their nearest vet. After seeing the vet, Mommy and 6 puppies were discharged. 4 were warded as they were in critical condition. They had difficulty breathing and all were put on oxygen. It was after some tests that it was discovered they have Round Worms too. 

Gorgeous Mommy and her precious beanies when they were just discharged
Warded for breathing difficulties
Also warded for breathing difficulties 
Also warded

Nasal discharge.Sadly, this little one passed away

More volunteers rushed down after work and the 4 puppies conditions had somewhat stabilized but when a volunteer visited them again this evening, she noticed the little black pup was gasping for air and his tongue was turning pale. She immediately informed the vet nurse who then put the tiny pup on oxygen but it was a tad too late . . . .the tiny one slipped away . . . .According to the vet, he had contacted pneumonia and the vet suspected canine influenza which means the entire litter is in danger as it is airborne.

Mommy and her precious
Nasal discharge. We hope they make it through the night.

We are heartbroken and we can imagine how distressed Mommy would be as she is an excellent Mommy, constantly cleaning her puppies and counting them. Despite the grim circumstances, we can only push forward as we are rushing against time to ensure Mommy and her remaining 9 baby beanies are treated in time and we need all the help we can get. 

Today, we will be taking all 9 puppies to our regular vet for a thorough medical check up. We just pray that throughout the night, we will not lose any more precious baby beanies.

If you are able to help foster or assist with the medical bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg