Save Kimmy

The golfers threatened to call AVA to take Kimmy and her friends away, simply because they felt that these dogs were a nuisance, a sight for sore eyes on their lovely putting green, despite the dogs minding their own business. Calling AVA would mean the end for Kimmy and her friends’ life. The workers became worried and built a temporary shed to house the 5 dogs, hence their life imprisonment started, locked her up 24/7 in a tiny cage. Was it to save their lives, protecting them from AVA? Or was it ending it because they lost their freedom and became prisoners for life?

The workers could not afford to feed the dogs, so poor Kimmy and friends did not have a proper diet. She lived on white bread, occasionally, a little kibbles or canned food. When we found her, her anus was protruding so much and it was dripping blood, her little cage filled with bloody diarrhea and flies, not to mention the unbearable stench of blood and poo all over. Her fur was infested with fleas and ticks. We decided we had to take her to the vet.

Poor Kimmy was in pain with her anus sticking out and yet all she cared about was gobbling up her food

Kimmy was scared and did not know what to expect. It was her first time being in a vehicle. Our volunteers then brought her into the vet clinic and everything looked strange to her – the air-conditioner and the smell of disinfectant. Our volunteers found so many ticks and fleas on her and Kimmy was scratching profusely. She left a trace of blood because her anus was still bleeding. We brought her for a variety of tests and found that she was anemic because the ticks had got a great amount of blood from her. Her abdomen and spleen were both enlarged and she was tested positive for heartworm. Our vet bills have rocketed to about $3,000. She is currently still staying at the vet for treatment of her rectal prolapse, as well as heartworm and our bills will continue to increase. We would really appreciate it if you can help us with Kimmy’s vet bills. Kimmy would be thankful too!

One sweet doggy! (HDB Approved)

She had a cut on her ear as well

Anus dripping poo and blood on the floor at the vet

Kimmy is a sweet girl and she looked at us with very doleful, asking us to love her. Yet, on the other hand, a little apprehensive at being patted as she had never been shown affection. Eventually, she allowed us to pat her, carry her, and lay her on her side for her x-ray and ultrasound scans. She even fell asleep during her ultrasound scan because our volunteers were stroking her and for once, she probably felt safe. Her trust in us was amazing, considering she had never met us prior to this vet appointment. Such a sweet dog like Kimmy deserves a loving home. We would be delighted if we could find her a foster home or a family to adopt her, so that she need not go back to being locked up 24/7, to find someone who would love and care for her and feed her a proper diet, instead of white bread, lest her anus gets pushed out again.

Falling asleep during ultrasound scan

If no one steps up to foster or adopt Kimmy, sadly she will be returned to her cage for a lifetime sentence. We have no means of taking Kimmy because if you recall, we recently had a mommy dog give birth to 10 puppies and there is no way we have space or funds for another dog and that’s the sad fact.

No aggression whatsoever and allowed a total stranger (the vet) to check her gums

Kimmy is estimated to be about 4 years old, very small sized, just slightly taller than a Cocker Spaniel size and definitely HDB approved.

If you can SAVE KIMMY, please do not hesitate to help. If you can SAVE us from drowning in vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg