Another Injured Dog From The Vacated Factory (Joz)

It was a routine feeding round at the vacated factory on a lazy Saturday morning. As is our habit, we counted the number of dogs to ensure all are accounted for. We were walking around looking for the missing sleepyheads when we spotted her. She is Mummy to Matilda and Tommy, our 2 giant puppies, and has a beautiful brindle coat (which Matilda inherited). She was very wary of us, and we could not entice her to come to us even with food in our hands. She shied away in fear when approached, and limped away to avoid us. Surprised by the limping, we took a closer look and saw a gaping wound on her foot. Part of her flesh had been sliced off. 

Part of the flesh on her paw had been sliced off

She was not able to run very far (or very fast) with the injury, so we managed to catch her and send her to the vet that very same day. A blood test revealed a high white blood cell count, indicating that infection was starting to set in. Thankfully, we got to her in time to catch the infection at its onset so all she needed was antibiotics to clear it up. Even so, the vet deemed the wound too big to be stitched up immediately. The wound had to be managed over the next 3 days to ensure it was clean and granulating well before the vet could stitch it up.

Look at the cute brindle face of hers, although not very pleased with being caught :-)

Joz, as we have named her, was lucky to have been found early. A small wound, which is of no concern if treated early, can develop into a serious injury due to exposure to flies / maggots, bacteria and infection. Any later and Joz’s leg may have had to be amputated to save her life, especially if septicaemia had set in. There are many who are not as lucky, and suffer in pain for a long period before they are rescued. Some we may not get to in time, and the only thing we can do for them is pour a lifetime worth of love they should have been given into their final moments. Yet how many others suffer and pass on in pain without being allowed even that? The life of a stray is a precarious one fraught with hunger, pain and danger. If we could bring all the strays home, we would love to do so, but our hands are tied by a lack of space, resources and funds.

Joz is presently warded at the vet, and may continue to be warded for the next 10 to 14 days. When her wound is fully healed, as much as it pains us to do so, we will have to return her to the vacated factory. She has already been sterilized by Hope about 2 mths back.

Resting at the vet, with her injured paw bandaged up

To date, from the vacated factory, we have rescued / helped the following dogs, many of whom were sick or injured at the time of rescue:
  1. Eli (1-year-old male) – Eli was picked up for a severe case of hematoma on his left ear. He has since recovered and been returned to the factory.
  2. Jack & Jill puppies (4-month-old siblings) – Both had tick fever and had bloated tummies at the time of rescue. Jack has been adopted, while Jill is recovering well with a fosterer and is available for adoption.
  3. Polka Dot (3-year- old female) – Compared to the others, Polka dot is otherwise healthy, and is available for fostering / adoption.
  4. Matilda and Tommy (6-month-old siblings) – Like the other pair of siblings Jack and Jill, both were found with bloated tummies. X-rays showed they had stones and bones in their tummies. They were also diagnosed with lead poisoning. They are both recovering well and are available for adoption. They are nice to dogs and children.
  5. Hachiko (5-year-old male Husky cross) – Hachiko was treated for 3 huge maggot wounds. He is at a commercial boarding facility and available for adoption. Very good natured and well-behaved.)
If more dogs can be adopted from the above list, we will be able to save more of the other dogs still left behind in the vacated factory. We don’t know how long they will remain safe there and when the authorities will start catching and culling.

If you would like to adopt and save a life, or two, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg