News From The Vacated Factory (3)

It’s been 3 weeks and our volunteers have been racing against time to help as many dogs as we can from the vacated factory; be it to sterilize, take to vet for their injuries or rehome. We are exhausted from the worry, stress, and constant visits to the empty factory to feed and do a headcount on the number of dogs to ensure none have been taken away by the authorities. The factory is in total darkness and when we visit and we not only worry about the safety of the dogs, but also our own safety.

Spending time with the poor abandoned dogs after work

Checking out the place in broad daylight

To date, this is what we have done :
  • sterilized 12 out of the 14 adult dogs (we can’t get close to the remaining 2)
  • sterilized 5 out of 7 puppies (we can’t get close to the remaining 2)
  • sent 4 dogs to the vet for medical related conditions
Polka Dot waiting for her nightly belly rub at the factory

1) Hachiko, for 3 huge maggot wounds. Hachiko is estimated to be about 4 to 5 years old, a male Husky mix, who is rather sweet and behaves like a big baby (Hachiko is for adoption if you can save him from spending the rest of his life on the streets) Obedient, knows basic commands, most likely an abandoned pet.

Handsome Hachiko

2) Eli, for an ear hematoma. Eli is estimated to be about 1 year old, a local crossbreed, sweet and good with humans. Will be released back to the vacant factory unless we can find someone to adopt him by this Friday.


3 & 4) Jack and Jill; 4 months old siblings, both have bloated tummies and have been tested positive for Babesia, a rare strain of tick fever. It is likely they too have bones and stones in their tiny tummies. 



We took the risk and rescued 3 dogs from the vacated factory, as we did finally manage to rehome most of our beany puppies, thus making room for new rescues. Also, some kind and generous dog lovers have been following this saga and have offered to sponsor boarding for 2 dogs.

Poor old dog left behind to fend for herself 

Watch the rescue video here

The three dogs that we rescued are :
  1. Polka Dot – female, 3 years old, a gorgeous local dog. Extremely sweet with humans and loves belly rubs, vaccinated and sterilized. Polka Dot is extremely depressed as she has been removed from her pack and from the freedom of space. She is not eating well and has been having severe diarrhea.
  2. Little Tommy & Little Mathilda – siblings, 5 months old. Both have bloated stomachs, pooing and peeing blood, pooing stones and bones and x-ray shows stones and bones in their abdomen. (both have trained themselves to pee on pee pad within a few short days, how brilliant.)

Butts of the sweet mutts 
All three dogs also suffer from toxic and lead poisoning as the factory they lived in was filthy and they drank the water from the puddles, laced with paint and lead. It will take some months before we can flush and clear the toxins from their system. All 3 dogs are settling in although they are scared, stressed and trying to cope with a different lifestyle, a different living environment. Such is the sad, harsh realities of life as a stray.

HOPE’s regular procedure is to put fresh rescues with home fosters, to have them settle down, observe their temperament, rehabilitate if necessary and put them up for adoption when they are ready. However, because of our race against time, we need to rehome Polka Dot, Little Mathilda and Little Tommy as soon as we can, so we can go to the factory and save more dogs. We also left Little Tommy’s sister behind . . . . .If you would kindly consider these 3 gorgeous dogs, we would be happy to share their medical conditions with you, tell you more about the characteristics etc

Little Mathilda at the vet. Yes, she is a gorgeous brindle mix. (female, 5 months old, weighing 18kg inclusive of the stones and bones in her stomach)

ADOPT THESE DOGS so we can save more dogs left behind, including Little Tommy’s baby sister.

Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can help with any of the following :
  • Foster
  • Sponsor food
  • Sponsor pee pads
  • Help with vet bills for the medical check ups

*We will not be considering boarding them at this present moment as they are pooing blood, worms, stones, bones and need a home foster to monitor their condition.